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  1. 1 point for 5. Kai NRG  -Size and detail wise truly a wonder!

    1 point for 6. Servertijd  -Great atmosphere overall!

    3 points for 8. Aurore  -Truly stunning statue and the action scenes for the sake of storytelling makes what I love about the Guilds!

    1 point for 10. MKJosha -Everything breaths Dwarf, treasures, statues, fortifications. Great stuff!

    1 point for 11. Kahir88  -Those large books, very creative!

    1 point for 13. Henjin  -Great rockwork and solid building with a touch of fp.

    1 point for 15. W. Navarre  -Stunning architecture!


    Apologies for the delay, no further excuses just the results. The winner was quite popular, so was @Aurore again being second. Though having won the CMF Challenge, second place will go to the next runner-up!

    1st place: @Kai NRG

    2nd place: @Servertijd

    Make sure to contact me for shipping info!:classic::thumbup:





  2. 1 point for 3. Gideon -Classic selection with outstanding photos!

    1 point for 7. BardDandelion - The Hussar is just amazing!

    1 point for 11. Kai NRG  -That harp is very creative!

    1 point for 11. Jtooker -Solid minifigs, love the twist with the colored base!

    1 point for 13. Ayrlego -Stunning collection of warriors

    1 point for 16 Henjin - In love with that cute dwarf!

    1 point for 18. Aurore - Vibrant fantasy mix!

    2 points 19. Kahir - This was just so creative, a fun twist, and very well executed!


    Apologies for the delay, no further excuses just the results. Second place was a tie, so two winners!

    1st place: @Aurore

    2nd place: @Gideon and @Henjin_Quilones

    Make sure to contact me for shipping info!:classic::thumbup:

  3. Voting works as follows:

    -You have 3 points that you can award to other Guildies, but you can give a max. of 2 points to your favorite entry!
    -Only GUILD members are allowed to vote!

    -There will also be two judges with a bit more "power". Lord Ssilyrrlith(yes he's coming out of hiding for this!) and Steward Elon Chorian will be able to hand out a total of 9 points(with a max. of 4 per entry).

    2 point for 9.Ecclesiastes
    1 point for 11.ZCerberus

    Make sure to add the number in front of the name of the entry as shown in the example!

    Voting ends December 5th.


    1.Maxim I



    The swap meet





    4.W Navarre
















    Lighthouse at Ashkharin



    Gates of Treacleheim in Mitgardia










    14.Louis of Nutwood

    Tōrō Nagashi Temple


    15.W. Navarre

    Samye Monastery

    Happy voting!


  4. Voting works as follows:

    -You have 3 points that you can award to other Guildies, but you can give a max. of 2 points to your favorite entry!
    -Only GUILD members are allowed to vote!

    -There will also be two judges with a bit more "power". Lord Ssilyrrlith(yes he's coming out of hiding for this!) and Steward Elon Chorian will be able to hand out a total of 9 points(with a max. of 4 per entry).

    2 point for 9.Ecclesiastes
    1 point for 11.ZCerberus

    Make sure to add the number in front of the name of the entry as shown in the example!

    Voting ends December 5th.


    1.Ubra Manis

    Guilds of Historica CMF Group Shot








    4.Sympatik Brick

    CMF - Guild of Historica: It's all about Power!
























    Hired Hands of Historica









    Guilds of Historica CMF














    Happy voting!!


  5. 51647018441_3778801b09_b.jpg

    The rumors that started at the beginning of this year were the best ones in a very long time. Finally a castle! But... It was a Creator one. This could have been a huge disappointment, but it most certainly wasn't. Now that I finally have three in possession it's about time to have a closer look at this Castelicious set!

    Number: 31120
    Title: Medieval Castle
    Theme: Creator 3in1
    Released: 2021
    Part Count: 1426
    Box Dimensions: 47.6 cm x 37.4 x 9 cm
    Weight: 2280 gram
    Set Price (RRP): 99.99 EUR / 89.99 GBP / 99.99 USD / 
    Price per Part: 0.07 EUR / 0.063 GBP / 0.07 USD / 
    Links: BricksetBricklink

    The front side of the box shows us the main build, the Medieval Castle. On the right side, the two alternate versions are shown as is done with all Creator sets.


    The backside shows the interiors and some of the play features.


    Two booklets. One for the Medieval Castle and one for the two alternate versions of the Castle



    Though the piece count doesn't disappoint, there was a lot of air in the box. Looking at the pile of bags it doesn't look that impressive.


    A total of seven steps completes the Castle as shown at the beginning of the instructions.



    Bag 1


    Starting with the base of the gatehouse. Which has some nice vegetation with 2 mushrooms and the tree hanging over is a nice touch. The mix of multiple greens took a bit to get used to, but eventually, it does the trick.


    Bag 2


    The castle uses a lot of panels, which could have easily been replaced with normal bricks which is a pity. I'm also not a big fan of the yellow for the Tudor style, but it's a nice nod to the old Black Falcons Fortress.


    Bag 3


    The finished gate looks great. The crenellations should have been a brick higher for proper defense though. Even the bird, I assume it's a hawk, looks good with larger wings compared to the other birds later on.


    Bag 4


    The chickens are just ugly, it fits the Creator line but I"n not a fan of those little brick build birds.


    Bag 5


    Target practice near the chickens, that's quite daring. The house looks ok, but the roof feels unfinished. Some tiles on top could have fixed that.


    Bag 6


    A cell near the market stall comes in handy when thieves steal your merchandise. Too bad the well isn't working in some way.


    Bag 7


    The side of the tower has a weak spot in the wall where the prisoner can escape. By pulling the bar on the right corner you can remove the wall. Looking at his previous state the prisoner never was aware of this unfortunately.


    The dragon looks more like a table scrap than a completed dragon. The only thing I do like is the head, especially the leaf part is cleverly used!



    By turning the watermill around the hammer hits the sword in the Blacksmith. The interior in the house above looks like it's made for a nobleman, when he comes down the stairs he can put on his battle armor right away.


    These empty spaces in the towers should have been filled with weapons or beds.


    A closer look at the hawk.


    This is one of the funniest additions, a medieval toilet with some toilet paper.


    Not sure if the designer was going for recreating the original dragon but looking at the colors and size he might have. 


    The three parts are put together by using bars and clips. Which also provides a way to rearrange the castle.


    First alternate build

    Secret rock door on the side of the tower.


    This baby dragon is just too cute!


    Maybe Majisto does visit this tower sometimes!


    The top of the tower uses slopes sideways and it looks very nice! So do the larger brick build banner and the gargoyles!


    Sturdy doors.


    Trebuchet is almost ready for the siege!


    It works! And even comes with a proper practice target.



    It's a shame but these parts are all unused for the alternate build. It could have been even better. Even the weapons or any of the shields aren't used!


    Second alternate build

    Small tournament stand is nicely done.


    Again, not a fan of the birds. But I do like this tree.


    Starting the wall.


    Freshly baked bread with some nice spices is available here.


    A proper staircase!


    The mill adds to the village feeling, also a smart choice for building it on the wall.


    Again, this is just so sad. So much wasted potential with all these leftover bricks.



    The main and alternate builds are using the minifigures in a slightly different way. This is neat because that shows kids how to do some figbarfing!

    Medieval Castle


    Tower Siege


    Mill wall.


    Mixing it up!

    The instructions don't show this option, but because all the castle parts have connection points it should have a purpose. Which is obviously meant for mixing up the different parts. So having all the parts gives you a proper castle. With a good amount of minifigures, because three is just not enough. Should have been at least five, and no I don't count a skeleton as a minifigure! A horse would have been nice as well. But unfortunately, that wouldn't have really fitted the Creator theme.



    It's not mind-blowing, as a castle fan it lacks a lot if you compare it with the old castles. But that's mostly about the minifigures. The castle itself is solid, especially for a brick-build one without the usage of any burps. But seeing a proper castle set after such a long time, it does the job perfectly. Completing it with a bit of nostalgia by reviving the Black Falcon Knights shows TLC cherishes afols! It makes you want more, so hopefully with the new rumors of the Viking Ship medieval sets will get a boost again!


    How do I rate this set?

    8 DESIGN

    A nice tribute to classic castle themes

    Fun, especially the first alternate build is fun with working siege engine. Though it has too many leftover parts which is too bad.

    Working blacksmith, gatehouse, trebuchet, and much more!

    It lacks minfigures, you need more knights or even villagers to play out o proper story.

    7 PARTS 
    Basic parts, nothing special.

    Great price per piece ratio, though too much yellow for castle builders.


  6. 51404276336_a9fe5a4bd3_c.jpg

    Introduction(Press Release Information)

    "A perfect escape from modern life! Get ready to travel back to the 1950s with this LEGO® Pickup Truck (10290) building project. Packed with details, this true-to-life model recreates the vintage pickup truck shape with its rounded lines. Explore the model to discover realistic pickup truck features like a stepside bed, opening doors and tailgate and removable wooden side railings.

    Celebrate the seasons
    This truck is hard at work all year round, delivering produce from Green Farm. Create a seasonal display with the many accessories included. There’s a wheelbarrow with flowers and a watering can for spring. For summer there are 2 wooden crates, tomatoes, carrots and a milk bucket. Autumn brings a crate of pumpkins, while for winter there is a wreath and a festive gift.

    Love the journey
    This set is part of a collectible series of LEGO buildable models for adults who appreciate beautiful design. It offers an immersive build and will make a top gift for any fan of vintage pickup truck models.

    Build a faithful LEGO® model version of a vintage 1950s farm pickup truck. Explore all its realistic features then place your truck on display to admire this classic collectible model.

    This LEGO® Pickup Truck 10290 buildable model set offers a rewarding building project for adults as you recreate the iconic rounded pickup truck shape from a classic era in vehicle design.

    Explore the model to discover its many realistic pickup truck features like a stepside bed, opening doors and tailgate and removable wooden side railings.

    Fresh from the farm! Discover lots of seasonal accessories including a wheelbarrow and watering can, vegetables and a milk bucket, a crate of pumpkins, plus a festive wreath and gift.

    Steer the truck then open the doors to inspect the interior. The bonnet also opens to reveal the engine.

    Designed especially for adult LEGO® builders, this set offers a rewarding build with a collectible display piece to cherish. It’s also a great gift idea for anyone who loves vintage 1950s pickup trucks.

    Measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 13 in. (33 cm) long and 5.5 in. (14 cm) wide.

    This LEGO® 1950s vintage pickup truck set is part of a range of creative building sets designed for adult building fans who love stunning design, intricate details and elegant architecture.

    LEGO® building bricks are manufactured from high-quality materials. They’re consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily every time – it’s been that way since 1958.

    With LEGO® pieces, safety and quality come first. That’s why they’re rigorously tested so you can be sure that the model is as robust as it is beautiful."

    Name: 10290 Pickup Truck
    Theme: Creator Expert
    Year: 2021
    Pieces: 1677
    Price: US $129.99  DE €129.99  UK £119.99

    Available October 1st 


    The classy black look doesn't always work for me but in this case, it does. It works because of the colorful products that are surrounding the truck which makes the set pop on the box. 




    A total of 14 bags numbered from 1 to 8. The stickers are safely stored with the booklet.


    As with most 18+ Creator sets, there is some info on the model. Though short, because the model isn't connected to any car brand this time. 


    It also explains the idea of playing with the seasons by adding different accessories to accompany the car.



    A short overview of the steps


    Not a big fan of stickers, but they do add a lot of charm to the finished model.


    Bag 1

    The most interesting parts are the 2x3 plate with a cutout in Dark Brown and the carrot in a new color!


    "Spring is in the air!" Fresh flowers and some gardening tools to represent spring works really well here. The wheelbarrow and water can are also on the correct scale


    "The summer is magic", with fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. And although we have milk all year round, right from the farm it tastes best in the summer as the cows are outside as well!


    Want to express that Autumn feeling, just use pumpkins!


    No products this time, just a gift for whomever and a nice Christmas wreath to decorate the car with. The wreath can be a bit tricky to build because round plates don't connect well together if it's attached by one stud. So make sure to have it on a flat surface when adding the next tiles, or else it can fall apart.


    Bag 2

    Starting the chassis with a sturdy Technic frame.




    Bag 3

    Mixing up Technic and System for steering smoothly.



    Steering mechanism.


    The door hinges are probably the best thing in this set. It makes using the doors a delight as they pop into place.


    Bag 4


    Upside downside skirts at the front. And using the shields has proven to be a good way for headlights as they have appeared this way before.


    Bag 5

    It's a nice feature to have the engine build this way because now you're also able to take it out and behold it in all its glory. 


    Inside and outside of the door. The ice skate works nicely as a door hinge, the pneumatic part is just a bit too simplistic.


    On the grill there's a printed curved tile with a V8 logo on it, showing off the powerful engine that lies behind it.



    Bag 6


    To build sideways the back uses clips and bars.


    Bag 7

    The seats have a nice classic look to them and can be easily placed in the car or taken out of you want to mod it.


    The dashboard uses a printed tile to show all the clocks. And the large curved slope in Dark Red fits perfectly in system with the older 1x6 curved slope.



    Bag 8

    Completing the side skirts gives a nice building experience by using clips and bars again. Though it's fun to build this way, it's not always a very sturdy connection and it leaves a bigger gap as well.


    The best print of the set is located on the back of the car. A classic LEGO tile, that looks just so good!


    One of the fun play features is that you can remove the side rails, completely changing the look of the Pick-Up truck.


    Front view


    Back view.


    Having a closer look under the hood.


    Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!


    Comparison of American Muscle!


    The complete set. It just looks great, the accessories add so much to the car. It's so much fun to rearrange it continuously into other settings.



    Design: 8/10 Captured the classic feeling of a pickup truck perfectly.

    Parts: 8/10 A quality parts pack for Dark Red, also a very nice price per piece ratio!

    Building:   8/10 Lots of fun techniques have been used for building upside down or sideways. 

    Playability: 9/10 Opening the doors, steering, having a look at the engine, or taking the roof off. Plenty to discover in this set. And I think a lot of people will do some nice stuff switching seasons, I wonder how many trucks will be under a Christmas tree!

    Price: 8/10 More bricks so more car compared to the Porsche or Mustang for less money. Of course, without a fancy brand attached it's cheaper but it still makes the value way better.

    Overall conclusion: A fantastic set. Building it was absolutely fun, and playing with the seasons is a nice touch!

  7. 61804_76391_Box3_v29.jpg





    •  Age – 18+ 
    • Model measures: 
    • Height: 17.5in/44cm 
    • Width: 19.5in/50cm 
    • Depth: 13in/33cm 
    • 3010 pieces 
    • Includes iconic artifacts: Harry’s wand and glasses, a chocolate frog, a tray of potions, Tom Riddle’s diary, the Golden Snitch, a Hogwarts™ scarf, Hedwig™ carrying a letter to Hogwarts™ and more 
    • Three exclusive anniversary golden minifigures: Albus Dumbledore™, Minerva McGonagall™ and Rubeus Hagrid™ 
    • Stand with a tile celebrating 20 years of LEGO Harry Potter 
    • Price: 249.99 EUR / 249.99 USD 

     The LEGO Group is celebrating 20 years of LEGO® Harry Potter with the reveal of the LEGO Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Icons Collectors' Edition, an intricate display model and a perfect homage to the fan-favourite Wizarding World. 

     The detailed new set follows the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends, capturing some of the most iconic characters and moments in one, single stunning model.  The set also includes several famous artifacts found in the Wizarding World over the last two decades. 

     Sitting proudly at the centre of the set is Harry’s loyal owl, Hedwig, clutching the infamous Hogwarts letter. Fans will also find Harry’s wand and glasses, a chocolate frog, a potions tray including five potion bottles and ingredients, as well as Tom Riddle’s diary, the Golden Snitch and a school scarf which is customisable to match any Hogwarts House. 

     The combination lends itself to a striking display of 3010 pieces, measuring over 44cm high, 50cm wide and 33cm deep, and is completed with a bespoke stand and celebratory tile to mark the 20th anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter 

     In addition, the set also comes with a trio of exclusive anniversary golden LEGO minifigures, including Albus Dumbledore™, Minerva McGonagall™ and Rubeus Hagrid™, as seen together in the first scene of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  

     Speaking about the set, LEGO Designer Marcos Bessa commented: The timeless magic of Harry Potter never leaves you, and this new LEGO set is our way of celebrating 20 years of LEGO Harry Potter and the wonderful people and things found in it.  

     “Every item in the set is filled with memories, from winning quidditch matches to iconic potion ingredients, not to mention getting that all-important letter. Building the Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition Set is sure to bring fond recollections back for Wizarding World and LEGO fans alike, with this beautiful centrepiece.”  

     Just in time for the new term at Hogwarts, the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition Set will be available from 2nd September 2021 from LEGO Stores and at a recommended price of 249.99 GBP / 249.99 EUR / 249.99 USD 






    About Wizarding World 

    In the years since Harry Potter was whisked from King’s Cross Station onto Platform nine and three quarters, his incredible adventures have left a unique and lasting mark on popular culture.  Eight blockbuster Harry Potter films (based on the original stories by J.K. Rowling) have brought the magical stories to life and today, the Wizarding World is recognised as one of the world’s best-loved brands.  

     Representing a vast interconnected universe, it also includes two epic Fantastic Beasts films, (the third releasing in 2022), Harry Potter & The Cursed Child–the multi-award-winning stage-play, state-of-the-art video and mobile games from Portkey Games, innovative consumer products, thrilling live entertainment (including four theme park lands) and insightful exhibitions.  

     This expanding portfolio of Warner Bros.  owned Wizarding World experiences also includes Harry Potter New York –a brand new flagship store, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London –The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo, and the Platform 9 3⁄4 retail shops.  

     The Wizarding World continues to evolve to provide Harry Potter fans with fresh and exciting ways to engage. For the worldwide fan community, and for generations to come, it welcomes everyone in to explore and discover the magic for themselves. 


  8. And the winners are:

    CDC1 Tower: Ayrlego

    A landslide victory. Clean photography, great tower, and without using any snow it feels very Mitgardian. Nicely done!

    CDC1 Tale: Louis of Nutwood

    This category was really exciting, but a win in the end. The love of telling stories and combining that with LEGO resulted in a great entry. Well done!

  9. 50808155792_7b574cb6e3_w.jpg
    It's almost an amazing 10 years ago since the first members settled in Historica. So, of course, we are going to celebrate this in a fantastic way in October with some amazing prizes. October is still far away, so to kick-off there will be two rounds of challenges.
    Just for fun, but also as a mandatory threshold to participate in the last round. You need to have at least 3 Guild mocs! This can be free builds, but easier is just joining the fun with these new challenges. So new and old members, have fun and start building for the glory of Mitgardia!!! Or of course a guild of your choice:tongue:
    Runtime: July, August, September and October. Results will be announced in November
    Category 1: Populating Historica(post topic as CDC2 CMF"member name")
    Like the watchtower challenge, the CMF challenge was incredibly popular. So be creative and make 16 minifigs that fit Historica perfectly. You have to represent all five guilds at least once. So 1 for each guild and going nuts with 11 more for Varlyrio is perfectly fine. A post requires an overview shot of all 16 minifigs and a shot of each one individually with a little bit of information/backstory. For example: past random entry (Only official LEGO parts allowed!)
    Category 2: Ancient Wonders (post topic as CDC2 Ancient Wonders:"moc-name")
    Also a blast from the past! Sacred trees in Avalonia, Dwarven statues in Mitgardia, Lava pits in Nocturnus, Beautiful churches in Varlyrio, Oases in Kaliphlin, and so much more. Show one of Historica's Wonders in all its glory!
    This time first and second place of both categories get two of those shiny new Falcon Knights and a Guilds of Historica Brick.
    But wait.... There's more.... That's why there's also more time to build. The winner of the first category will also get a(Ninjago set(TBA)) and, drum roll please.... The winner of the second category will get The Ideas Blacksmith!:excited: