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  1. Malthus101

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Why on Earth would they do that??? When did that get released?
  2. Malthus101

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    So where's the next UCS set? It's bloody October already and no news??
  3. Malthus101

    Future Star Wars Sets

    You enjoy SJW agenda shoving? Interesting.
  4. Yes, one to build, one to keep for an investment potentially, for the future. Problem with that? Given the meteoric rise in the price of old Star Wars sets, you're frankly stupid if you don't!
  5. One to build, one to collect unopened maybe?
  6. and what would that be? So I happened to pass by Lego on Leicester Square today and what did I see? (Picture not inserted due to retardedly low attachment file size limit) What I saw was.... a shitload of Y-Wings! Now I see the limit is 5 on Lego's website. Pointless move - I would have bought two out of instinct but I only bought 1. Now I'll just stick with one because... meh. I also saw this: (Picture not inserted due to retardedly low attachment file size limit) How is this for sale?? I thought they were totally sold out??
  7. Yeah but that's totally stupid of them because there is not going to be a mad rush for a less-than-2000 piece May 4th UCS Y-Wing that is not really very special at all. The damn Slave 1 and Sand Crawler are way more interesting and they didn't sell out in 1 day, not even in 1 year! Who the hell is running Lego??
  8. Why is the Y-Wing limited to 1 set only per household in the UK? It's not like it's the falcon or anything...? Other UCS hang around for years... so why limit the Y-Wing to just 1 set? Weird.
  9. Malthus101

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Nah... it's fugly!
  10. Malthus101

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Am I the only one who is a bit, "meh" about this new UCS Y-Wing?
  11. Malthus101

    Future Star Wars Sets

    So, this rumour of a Feb 2018 Super Star Destroyer eh? That would be a bad release. I'd buy it for the collection, but it's quite a boring looking ship, tbh. The Imperial would be much better - the MOCs out there make a mockery of the official one. Lego did a great job on the Millennium Falcon re-release. Let's hope the other rumor that it WILL be an ISD is true. 10,000 piece kit? How awesome. LED lighting system? Incredible but unlikely. If they followed that up with a UCS TIE bomber or similar in Spring....... I would tip my hat to Lego.
  12. Malthus101

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Lego uk online has orders for the Apollo again but limited to 1 piece only
  13. Malthus101

    Future Star Wars Sets

    The Naboo Royal Starship doesn't fit into the Star Wars universe at all - in my opinion, those 3 middle films are best forgotten altogether!
  14. Malthus101

    Future Star Wars Sets

    if they packaged and marketed it right, it would probably sell almost as fast as the Millennium Falcon did! (well, maybe not quite) But I think from what I've read it's never gonna happen.