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  1. Future Star Wars Sets

    I'm old-skool so mostly prefer the older ships but Kylo Ren's is a nice ship. A UCS of this done absolutely correctly would be welcomed.
  2. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    I'm on holiday in Vietnam and found a toy shop with Lego - they have 2 Saturns left! But RRP here is like $400 each! WTF.
  3. Next UCS Set

    What didn't you like about the most recent Sandcrawler? It's awesome!
  4. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    It says temporarily unavailable on Lego UK - so is this set planned to come back?
  5. Next UCS Set

    2015 was an awesome year for UCS with the Slave 1 and the TIE Fighter 2016 appeared to suck BIG TIME with the re-release of the Death Star and Assault on Hoth 2017 has been a great year with the Snowspeeder and the Millennium Falcon So let's just hope 2018 is not a "suck" year! 2014 only had the Sandcrawler which although fantastic... is just one UCS! Seems even years are worse than odd numbered years...... : \ My 2018 dream: May release - 6000+ piece, minifig scale AT-AT October release - 10,000+ piece ISD / Harrower Class Dreadnought / Resurgent Class Battlecruiser The world's going crazy... why can't Lego? :)
  6. Next UCS Set

    Apparently Cavegod's is 2 x minifig scale. This guy copied CG's and made his own version, that is true minifig scale - I think it's awesome, especially the interior detailing: Lego need to get onto this ASAP. I mean, if strength and stability and weight are the key issue, just build some custom plastic pieces, or use Technics parts, that build a solid frame for the whole thing that everything else is built around. The core of the legs don't need to be actual lego pieces, they can just clad the outside. Can't be that hard!
  7. Next UCS Set

    Definitely. Bur if it doesn't have Leia in slave costume with a chain around her neck.... I'd consider it a failure. Look at the last Sandcrawler - I imagine that level of detail and excellence but in Sailbarge form! It would be an awesome UCS contender for sure... ;) And the FULL-ROSTA of figures this time!!
  8. Next UCS Set

    I just bought Jabba's Sail Barge 75020 - £160. Could be last time we see that Leia configuration. Don't like the front detailing though... needs a UCS refresh but if Disney are going to get all politically correct about her slave costume.... it'll never be good.
  9. Next UCS Set

    And what about the motorized AT-AT? It's quite impressive that it can walk and it was popular when it was released. Detailing is crap though and it's too small compared with some amazing MOCs out there! I'm sure Lego has better ways of doing things these days... what are the chances of a UCS AT-AT, as large as decent MOCs and with motorized legs? That would be pretty damn sweet. (and if it already has electrics for the motor, why not install some LEDS too? It's about time)
  10. Next UCS Set

    Anyway............ Tell me UCS experts - which Death Stars were more popular... 10143 Death Star II or the more playable ones with all the rooms inside? I'm not drawn to the playable ones but DS2 looks pretty cool - would it be likely they ever release one like DS2 again as a UCS set?
  11. Next UCS Set

    "More of a ‘quietly sweep the rest under the carpet’ kinda thing,” Campbell said. " Ah! Just like Google does with videos it doesn't like on YouTube now... IT'S NOT CENSORSHIP! They are just 'out of harm's way'. Revisionists around other questionable "facts" of the 20th Century can go to jail for years for even suggesting alternative views... but when companies like Disney or Google want to rewrite history, no problem. What an Orwellian Hell we are nose diving into. AS for the criticism of the Palace.... no surprise who was complaining there.... lol. And we should care?
  12. Next UCS Set

    What happened? I haven't heard this story.... :) Man I can't wait until May! I was hoping for something new this Christmas, 40th anniversary and all, you'd think they might release 4 UCS's to celebrate each decade. Perhaps not! I just looked at the Jedi Interceptor - IMHO opinion, it flopped because the model is awful! How can that even be called a UCS set? What makes it so? Looks basic as hell, just with a UCS placard. 676 pieces?! The last Imperial Shuttle 75094 had 937 pieces and wasn't even a UCS set. It was fantastic. So what were last years 2 UCS sets? The Slave 1 and.........? I only picked up the Slave 1, Sand Crawler and TIE Fighter last year so my brain is trained for a never ending supply of high quality UCS sets! Bad habit. Now I'll have to turn my attention to Creator sets instead while I wait for UCS sets... : \
  13. Next UCS Set

    Was just thinking the same thing - Jabba's Palace / Rancor Pit - the old one looks terrible, looks more like Duplo than Lego. But a UCS version with the excellent modern styling going into recent UCS sets... could be a winner. I'm not even that interested in Play Sets but I think this could make a great one. Jabba's Sail Barge - now that I would buy. The Tantive IV - I don't find it an attractive design, but if done correctly, I'd buy it. Same goes for the Y-Wings...... those bits at the rear of the engines make it seem fragile - I hate fragile Lego! That's why the B-Wing was always such a cr*p toy when we were kids, awkward design, couldn't put it down easily. A-Wing looks too small and featureless... I don't even rememberer it from the movie. Also not sure I like red in Star Wars ships - it's why I'm not so keen on the Venator. So tell me learned UCS experts - are you saying Lego only release 2 UCS sets per year?? Is the Falcon all they will do to celebrate 40 years this December of A New Hope? Why don't they release UCS sets in time for xmas sales? Or is October what that is? :)
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Post Office sounds too much like Postman Pat for my liking - but a library and a museum would be cool. I've only just really taken an interest in Creator sets today - they are awesome!