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  1. Hello!

    Hi Guys, I've been on here around a month now and I thought it was about time I said a proper Hello. My names Ellison and I'm an AFOL. I come from the North of England and I am a huge Lego Star Wars fan. I've been collecting now for a number of years and hoping to expand my collection even further. I am currently in the process of planning an alternative Hoth MOC (don't worry its not another Echo Base or Battle of Hoth) so keep an eye out! I hope to chat with some of you soon! Ell
  2. [MOD] AT-AT Walker Redux - 75054

    The AT AT is my favourite vehicle from Star Wars and this is just fantastic! Well done!
  3. Next UCS Set

    Now that my friend, would be fantastic!
  4. Next UCS Set

  5. Roman Portrait

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your responses. If anyone has any further ideas of photos, let me know and I will try my best to do them
  6. Secret Castle of Rohan

    I like it. I like how you have created your own Rohan Warriors instead of using the licensed ones. Great work on the castle too
  7. Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    I like the look of the AT-M6 but I am obsessed with the walkers. I've seen a few concept arts from TLJ and heard rumors that the AT-M6 dwarfs the AT-AT, yet the Lego versions are very similar in size which is a down-side. But I'm still going to buy it... to add to the collection
  8. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I got the Republic Fighter Tank last night (75182) Great little build, and the 'figs are excellent, especially the phase 2 gunner. I don't have the original Fighter tank to compare it to though :/
  9. Submerged Ruins

    Love the use of the glass and the up-turned circular plates! Great work
  10. Roman Portrait

    Hi, I'm new to eurobricks so firstly hello. I am really into my photography, the Roman Military, Lego. So last night I was messing around with different forms of lighting and came up with this. For this simple split lighting effect I built a platform (from Lego of course) to hold an IKEA LED light and placed the minifigure roughly 6 inches away. I then used the an aperture of f11 at 1/6 second in monochrome mode. I am really pleased with the result and the mood the lighting creates. Let me know what you think. Thank you, Ell
  11. [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    Hey! Thanks Sandtrooper. I've got few ideas floating around in my head and they requires a few of these. Than you for the BrickLink urls too. Very useful
  12. Republic Gunship

    Simply stunning. I too have always wanted a Gunship, and I am happy to say that I've just ordered my first ever 7676. Seeing this has inspired me to want to mod it! Well played! Fantastic creation!
  13. [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    Hi, This is incredible. The detailing is fantastic and the overall effectiveness of the display is unreal. I do have a question, what have you used for the clears stands for the display and where do you get them from? Thank you, Ell