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  1. Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    +1 for Archer Great Minifig trade. MV
  2. For trade Jack Sparrow Voodoo minifig.

    What are you looking for?
  3. Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    Just had a great minifig trade with Dropsy. +1
  4. Squall Leonhart

    Thanks! The belts are actually some type of rubber string from my sister's old Ello toys. The Gunblade is a cut-and-glue between a wrench, revolver and sword then painted with model paint. Thank you! I'll try to get some better pics soon, the ones here are kind of dark.
  5. I like how solid it is. Also the gears, I'm a sucker for gears.
  6. 2011 LEGO Cars 2 Discussion

    I was at work today (Walmart) and found all the Cars 2 sets in the back room, in boxes labeled "Do not stock to floor until May 16." Thought that was strange as it seems people are already picking them up.
  7. Playstation Network names?

    PSN-ID: KennyJoBo Playing: MvC3, Uncharted 2, Modnation Racers
  8. Minifigs swatch

    Lego sure does like to have all different shades of grey. Nicely done.
  9. I like how you did the chain with the round links. Very nice.
  10. What did you buy today?

    26 of the Collectible Minifigs Series 3. I finally found a Hula Dancer. =]
  11. Squall Leonhart

    Figured I'd show my first custom. (and only, so far) And a close-up of the Gunblade. Constructive criticism welcome.
  12. LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3 discussion

    The Walmart by me had an entire box of Series 3 and never put it out. It went straight to the clearance rack. Needless to say, I picked up all of them.
  13. I'm likin' the Gladiator. Can't wait for these to come out.
  14. Hi! I Have: Series 3 1x Fisherman (1 Sealed) 2x Pilot (Sealed) 2x Tribal Chief (sealed) 2x Samurai (Sealed) 1x Sumo Wrestler (Sealed) 2x Mummy (Sealed) 4x Tennis Player (Sealed) 1x Racecar Driver (Sealed) 3x Gorilla Suit Guy (Sealed) 1x Alien (Sealed) 1x Rapper (Sealed) Misc. Tons of BIONICLE, just ask. I Need: Any from Series 1 Any from Series 2 Series 4: Crazy Scientist Hockey Player Ice Skater Kimono Girl Musketeer Surfer Girl Other Wants Skeletal Horses Newer Skeleton Minifigs (with the sturdy arms, not the floppy pin ones.) Khopesh (Pharoah's Quest curved swords) I am in the U.S.