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  1. 75095 TIE Fighter

    I passed on the X-Wing and will pass on this too. Both sets should have been much cheaper. If lego ever decides to allow exclusives to be discounted again, I may change my mind.
  2. I wish they would just show the actual figs. Showing a box does nothing for me.
  3. I see another zombie, another werewolf, another frankenstein monster, another vampire bride, another witch, another pirate etc. I am intested in new characters, not taking the same characters and adding a different hairpiece. Lego needs to be more creative for the amount they are charging for a single figure now.
  4. I expect more for a $4 figure than a rehash of parts and figs. It looks like lego is running out of ideas.
  5. I hope these are fakes or this in my opinion could be the worst theme. Something about them screams custom to me. Very disappointing :(
  6. Anyone have an Original Bane?

    There is logo on the head peg and between the leg pegs. All the pieces are definitely lego.
  7. Anyone have an Original Bane?

    Thanks for all the help guys. I think I will end up keeping him. I had to replace my beat up one that I got from another seller who stated the figure was "mint" condition. Yeah, paint missing from his mask, nick on his torso, and a cracked arm. I definitely would say that isn't mint lol.
  8. Anyone have an Original Bane?

    Here are a couple more comparison shots. I circled the discrepancies. do you have any pics of him? I would like to compare them to mine.
  9. Anyone have an Original Bane?

    Sorry, I totally thought I would get notified when I got a reply. Here are some pics. Here is a comparison between the beat up one I have and the one I bougth (on the left). I am going to see if I can find some better lighting to take better comparison pics. The seller on ebay just informed me he got them from a trusted friend who he thinks got them form South Korea. That is a big red flag. Thanks for the help guys. The thing that concerns me the most is the amount of flesh showing at the bottom of the torso and the location of the white lines through the venom pack. The one from the Bat Tank is the original.
  10. Anyone have an Original Bane?

    I just bought one and I am under the impression that is maybe a really good custom. I am hoping to find someone with the original fig that could help me answer some questions. I noticed light hits his short differently than his bare chest. If you have the fig, plesae get a hold of me...thanks
  11. Identifying fake Batman 1 figs?

    I am looking to buy some Batman 1 figs specifically the original Bane. I am pretty sure there are counterfeit/fakes of these out there and want to make sure I get an authentic one. If the figs are machine printed, is there anyway to tell if they are counterfeit? Anything to look for. Any tips especially for Bane would be apprecited.
  12. I hope you gave the seller some negative feedback. They are indeed illegal even if they do not claim to be lego. They do not have the copyrights to sell the figures.
  13. Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    I thought he was suppose to come with the Bluray. Not sure what I would prefer. Seems my closest tru doesn't get the good polys and if they do, scalpers take them all.
  14. Please help :( I have picked up 50 packs blindly and still do not have a dino tracker or genie. Updated list here:
  15. Super review as usual ;) Rumor is places in Canada are already getting these.