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  1. Kieganlenihan

    13 foot 50,000 piece Lego Star Destroyer (in progress)

    Thanks so much! It is actually white LED strip lights sitting behind a wall that has 1 x 1 transclucent blue bricks to create that blue window feel! Thanks so much! Wait until it is done! Thanks for your comments! So the model is actually to scale of the reference pictures I used to design the models but there are no 'hard and fast' rules (so to speak) when it comes to star wars models obviously because their are very few canon dimensions. Sure you can find lengths of starships but it is significatnyl more difficult to find canon widths, heights, etc. The model is not affiliated with Thomas Benedikt's star destroyer but I did consult his design when I was thinking about how I would make the hull of the ship. My first idea was to have plates with stud up to make up the wings, as all official Lego sets do and I noticed that he did the same and I wanted to see how he did it. I concluded though that for my frame geometry it would be far too weak. I also found out that it would take nearly 9000 tile pieces to create the beautiful SNOT design this model deserves! I figured out that having the bricks lay sideways perpendicular to the frame was a much stronger and more aesthetically pleasing design. Also, I could use half of the pieces in the form of 1 x 4 bricks. These are much cheaper per part and I would obviously need half the parts.
  2. Kieganlenihan

    13 foot 50,000 piece Lego Star Destroyer (in progress)

    I designed some frame geometry understanding how the wings would interact with the frame. But all the greebling is free hand! Shipcetion... I would like to make a post on EuroBricks where I can show people the images I am talking about rather than just linking a flickr album. Maybe you could help me with this! The whole model will be a sculpture. That is to say it will look beautiful and nothing else. No interior or fun to be had. Just a monument haha
  3. Kieganlenihan

    13 foot 50,000 piece Lego Star Destroyer (in progress)

    Thanks to everyone who has responded! I am new to EuroBricks so I am not sure how it all works yet. Hopefully I'll be able to put some images in these forums! In the mean time take a look at the flickr galleries! Thanks so much! I thought about the frame geometry in LDD, bought some pieces and started!
  4. This is my 13 foot long Executor Star Destroyer! I started this project on June 27th and paused construction on August 20th 2017. The model is supported on an aluminum frame and surrounded by over 2000 technic bricks. This combination represents the frame of the entire project and this is where the thousands and thousands of grey pieces are connected to form the aestethic of the model. This model obviously has two sides, a bottom and a top. I decided during the planning of the model that I would build the bottom half first, flip it over using wires from the ceiling to suspend the model mid air and then I would build the top. The goal is to have this model free floating by about 4 or 5 strong wires. Already the model is 13 feet long, weights 120 pounds and has over 50,000 pieces. When completed, it will be 6 inches, 70,000 pieces and 100 pounds bigger. Please view my flickr albums where you can see a detailed look at how I constructed this beast!