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  1. Awesome *y* ! You really captured the essence of Todd's shop. The musical really freaked me out at first, when I saw part of it on TV a few years ago.
  2. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    Some Victorian Clothing Decals!

    Very nice decals *y*! Your skill has really increased! Yay for Victorians.
  3. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb

    That is stunning 8-
  4. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    EB Pirates! - Episode 1, Green Hair and the Yellow Thief

    Very funny, especially the random exercise machine ad *y* !
  5. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    Silent Parrot WIP Inn

    The diagonal lines look great *y* ! Can't wait to see thi finished!
  6. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    soldiers on ice...

    That's so cool! I have not seen a scene similar to this before, and this is so visually interesting, especially with the sliding ice chunk and horse up to the neck in water.
  7. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    The Wrath of Zeus

    Awesome *y* ! The part I like best about the scene is the Zeus up in the clouds and the lightening burst. The lightening creates a very interesting and unique visual element to this.
  8. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    The Sacking of Constantinople

    Nice job with the Orthodox priest *y* Very nice!
  9. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    Which Pirate LEGO faction do you support?

    Redcoats all the way!
  10. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    Review: 7621 Indiana Jones - Lost Tomb

    Thanks for the review, Big Pete! It's nice to see the adventurer pieces back, although in a ruined form.
  11. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    Rewnsill Outpost

    The walls are very visually interesting! The castle itself feels very natural next to the hill *y*!
  12. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    New MOC Spanish Fort

    Welcome to Eurobricks! You integrated the buildings onto the landscape very well *y* ! The tower is really cool *y*
  13. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    Review: 7622 Indiana Jones - Race For the Stolen Treasure

    Thanks for this review, Doctor Sinister! You did a great job, don't worry about it being your first review *y* This one is my favorite out of the Indiana Jones line.
  14. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    Road/Rail vehicle

    I like the grill with the radar dish best. Great vehicle *y*
  15. ZeekyBoogeyDoog

    Japanese Version of 7894 & 7893

    Maybe you can customize the torsos of the figs provided in the set with the torso stickers?