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  1. His MOD or MOC is available on Rebrickable now ....haven't got this set but plenty of parts ,went trough them and according to Bricklink had about 90% so decided to build the thing last night and trying to adapt pf motors for this project Here is result of my work ,can't do any more as waiting for rest of the parts to arrive will this work? will see :)
  2. gregorski904

    Effermans 42099 MOD with PF

    few parts still missing to have it fully operational
  3. gregorski904

    Effermans 42099 MOD with PF

    will do when finished
  4. gregorski904

    Effermans 42099 MOD with PF

    will try or will try to rebuild with servo
  5. gregorski904

    42077 - Rally Car - MODs and Improvements

    chassis is rebuilt so no rubbing
  6. gregorski904

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    sealed bugatti chiron for £150 on market place
  7. instruction would be welcome
  8. gregorski904

    8081 - Extreme Cruiser - MODs and Improvements

    because of this thread i got it too
  9. gregorski904

    [WIP] Le Mans Racers

    I know it is old thread but I just built this little racer and tried Gulf colours .....
  10. Video bit long but this buggy is so much fun controlled by one sbrick and powered by 11.1V 3s lipo battery set for 10.8V
  11. gregorski904

    [Video review] 10265 Ford Mustang

    I think about them too as soon as they will be available.....;)
  12. Porsche rims and RC tyres
  13. I did it because it had a bit "saggy bottom " for my liking will take some pics
  14. wheel is built... but RC tyre is a bit stretched :)
  15. will try it later and will post picture with both tyres on ..rc tyres have foam inserts inside