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  1. Dear architecture and LEGO enthusiasts, I would like to propose you a LEGO Architecture challenge. Every week I will come up with a brief assignment, that connects LEGO and architecture and if you want, you can react to it and post photos of your creations. I hope you will have fun building experience. 1. Challenge Do the model of building in 3 different scales, start with a very small scale, just a few bricks. Then do the same building in larger scale with more details. And finally, the biggest model, with even more details. Example:
  2. Those renderings look great. That is the quality I look for. And the workflow does not seem too hard. I will give it a try and post a result. Thank you for your suggestion.
  3. Dear fellow brick enthusiasts, I would like to hear your opinion in my case: I would like to write a book about architecture and LEGO. Lego MOCs would serve as illustrations of some points I would like to make. I have the basic framework, but now I encountered a minor problem. How to do the LEGO illustrations? I have already written a small e-book. (You can read it when you subscribe to my site here For this e-book I simply took a photo of MOC and made a cut-out of it. But for this second book I would like to step it up. I tried using Bluerender and the result is okay, but I would probably like to do better. What software would you suggest? I have read through the options and I am not sure what to pick. I am looking for some middle ground, not too hard to make the rendering, but with an adequate result. The outcome does not have to be photorealistic, but it should be worthy of a book. Testing of bluerender on an official model: united_nations_headquarters.lxf by Ondrej Slunecko, on Flickr
  4. Hallo, does anybody know if there is a way how to render and have a truly transparent background?