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  1. Nice idea ! Feel I right ? You have to Change one of the 12´ gears , the axles drive in different directions . Edit : you wrote it between your pics ...
  2. I have no SBrick , but I read very often : Don´t use more than 11,1 V ! It will destroy the SBrick . Use a step down converter with max 10 V - 10,5 V
  3. Hello, holy crap out here about YT An other Video channel is " DailyMotion " , but there is also US partly inside . The next Problem : Nobody knows this channel . On YT my Vids get worldwide views , many adult people came to Lego just about a Video they look accidental . The AFOL Community will no more grow , and Lego will be degrated as " only for children " An other viewing side : What is about when i take my channel "just made for children " and Coppa find : You get so hard technical stuff , thats definatly " not only made for children" and restrikt me because wrong decleration ??
  4. Hello, Bonjour 2) Yes , about 5000 - 7000 pieces 3) No ! Lego sell it never as a set ! The Power Functions Motors selling will end next year ! Then is only Control + and Power Up arrivable from Lego ! 4) I made a GAG with a Photo Montage as a set : Technic_Expert_4250018 by Wolf Zipp, auf Flickr I have no instruction for the construction .
  5. Hello , Bonjour Francois @SCHANG , Thanks for the interest , I have no building instruction or lxf of this , the list with the 13 Motors is on the first page , the Servomotor and the L-Motor for the parking stamp are not nessersary . Some of the parts : about 135 pannels 5 x 11 x1 ; 36 wheels 62,4 x 20 ; 32 turntables 56 t (type II ) ; 8 turntables small ; 8 LA ; more than 200 beam 11 x 1 ; 100+ beam 13 x 1 ; and many other lengths ; about 1000 blue and black Pins ; many PF extensions 20 and 50 cm . Please order the PF things soon , Lego will delite them next year !! Take a look at my Flickr , there are many details : https://www.flickr.com/photos/138850303@N05/albums/72157665958595660/page2
  6. The real cranes extend every section in 2 steps. The new LAs have only 8 studs more .... thats not enough ! He want a 60 stud beam, thats 5 pannels. The Problem : How will you pin it at every step? With an extra LA ??
  7. Thanks guys, but I´m no member of the convoy. i flaged also my Mocs with the dutch colours, and some visitors asked me why so much vehicles are flaged. Esther got the Videos on Facebook and were flashed about this Action ! The initiative come from Stephan Siepe , Afol Technic Team . And PatsonBricks .
  8. Here is a Video to Memory Ingmar From our last Event "Bricking Bavaria in Fürth /de" Truck convoy
  9. Hello, Thanks for the commends, @ginger-snapped and @Arnoob ! Here is my new vid with a minicam inside the bridge at my last Expo :
  10. Here is my 10.000 Subs. / 4 mio. clicks Special Video with all 3 machines All in 4 x Speed , please reduce your speakers
  11. I had read this sad message yesterday. I´m proud to meet him 2 times at Expos, one was his last one in Hamburg in March 2019 . I miss this wunderful guy ! He had to go much to early . I can only wish my sincere condolences to Ingmar's wife Ester and Family.
  12. Hello, the work goes on ... here all 3 machines together ( Expo: Floating Bricks Hamburg ) IMG_20190323_194934 by Wolf Zipp, auf Flickr A Video with the Gantry Crane and Special Carrier ( fast and dirty filmed ) at Fana´Briques in Colmar (F) And with motorsized engine block : Edit : A view inside the red box :
  13. Think about, it´s a Kids toy , they will have enough time for the outriggers . (or even not , I´ve enough commends from gamer Kids who are bored about my slow heavy duty industrie construction machine )
  14. Read some Posts back and look what´s same , then you´ll come to it !
  15. @gvo25 I see some Pictures on FB , but they have the stamp : Convidential So they will not be posted here , OK ?