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  1. Wolf_Zipp

    How to deal with the thieves

    The only success you have , is that you get no add of vonado ! I see it just now on FB.
  2. Wolf_Zipp

    How to deal with the thieves

    Many Facebook user will rememer this : ( I searched many hours , but couldn´t find the Picture ) so I tell it : An Afol and a chinese seller are in dialog 1) Chinese seller : " I have a nice KIT for you !" 2) Afol : " But it´s my MOC , here is my building instruction !" Chinese seller : ( take the BI off his Hands) " NO !" 3) Afol : "But there is my Name on it !" 4) Chinese seller : (cut off the name ) " NO !" Afol ( tears in the eyes) But back to Topic : Vonando is still activ in Facebook and on his IP Many commends in FB want to buy the kit or buy the BI . I made some commends there , that they can buy the BI from Jeroen Ottens , a day later my com. were deleted and I´m blocked there. Many want the Mamoet colour , he will sell it maybe until september ! And I´ve seen , they make own Pictures , I think they will change them soon on there webside ! On there webside prangs : "Copyright by Vonando" but they doesn´t take care about Jeroen Ottens Copyright !
  3. Wolf_Zipp

    How to deal with the thieves

    Yes it´s Jeroens crane , they copied also his Video (channel : biao jun ) with the same sign as vonado ! It seems , Jeroens Intervention hold only a few weeks ! Edit: The Mamoet pics are copied from @nigel1975
  4. I made it in this way: IMG_20180211_195406 by Wolf Zipp, auf Flickr I connect the 2 left wires to minus ( - ) and the 2 right wires to plus ( + ) pole of the power supply . Be sure not to Change the poles !! IMG_20180211_235027 by Wolf Zipp, auf Flickr I connect it to a IR Receiver to use it. I´ve not tested with a Switch , but I think it will work also .
  5. Wolf_Zipp

    CONTROL+ Supplementary Motors

    The discussion here is only about the Spike Prime . Did you see , TLG offer the new PU Parts in the shop under Power Functions ?? # 88006 Move Hub = Boost # 88009 Hub = Train or Batmobile # 88010 PU Controller # 88008 Medium Linear Motor # 88011 Train Motor # 88007 Color / Distance sensor I read today , PF will be arrivable until end of 2020 !
  6. Wolf_Zipp

    45678 LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    My question and fear is : how do the Systems fit together ?? And with Power Up in Trains and Batmobile ? Same connectors , but work the motors crosswise between the sets ?? PF time will end soon ... I got some parts in my stock last time .
  7. Wolf_Zipp

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Shipping from China .... must I say more ?? (Never original Lego parts) Hard to see this chinese pirates . Edit : They write : Buy your favorite MOC with just one click It's a fast and easy way to get the MOC you want while also supporting your favorite builder. ( I don´t believe it )
  8. Wolf_Zipp

    [WIP] [MOC] Ship-To-Shore Crane

    Very impressive crane ! In my near we have such cranes for Containers at the river . River ships are not so large . There are also cranes at the railroad to load trucks with containers
  9. Wolf_Zipp

    [MOC] RC Telescopic excavator

    Fantastic excavator , I love it !
  10. Thanks for the answers ! Thats like what I hear about Uetrecht ; it`s more for Kids . I would like to meet some of the famous Dutch technic (eurobricks) members there ! Pro for Uetrecht is are chaeper conditions , but it´s 7 days. In Skaerbaek come exhibitors from about 80 countrys , but I think the most with modular / creator or trains ? Contra for Skaerbaek ; it´s expensive . Last Weekend was Legoworld in Kopenhagen / DK ; I read , there were mostly families as visitors . I have to think a while about this
  11. I´m flashed about so much Feedback For better understanding , this is the normal public Viewer Group around my table , when I demonstrate the functions : Koeln_2018-11-19_12-34-49 by Wolf Zipp, auf Flickr Her is my MOC´s tread :
  12. Hello , I know it´s maybe not the right place . My Question : What is the better Event ? LEGOWORLD in Uetrecht / NL or Fanweekend in Skaerbaek / DK 28.+29. Sept. 2019 I want present my MOCs for international Visitors , ( I present them at 4 - 5 Events / year ) I have very much international Feedback ( more than 3 Million views worldwide on my Videos ) and the visitors are fascinated at the Events Where should I go this Year ??
  13. Wolf_Zipp

    GBC General Discussion

    Absolut Steinchen : 15.+16. June 2019 Registration not opend jet . Fanabriques : 29. + 30. June 2019 Registration ends 30.03.2019 !
  14. I´m still working at the GLC . Here is a drive-test with a short beam : and some pics of the dimensions : IMG_20190209_182705 by Wolf Zipp, auf Flickr IMG_20190209_182916 by Wolf Zipp, auf Flickr
  15. Wolf_Zipp

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    What is the weight of the crane / boom ? It´s very impressive !