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  1. LEGOtastic

    Help me build a double sized Yoda!

    OMG - Impossible is nothing! Is this the expensive "Sand green" colour?
  2. LEGOtastic

    Help me build a double sized Yoda!

    I have not put any consideration into the diffrent colour prices.... I will obv. not build this Yoda if it is gonna cost me a fortune! Would love to do this project so will start designing and then worry about costs later.
  3. LEGOtastic

    Help me build a double sized Yoda!

    Great inputs guys- I will consider a 3D model and then do the conversion..... Looks pretty complex though! I do like challanges, will keep you updated on my progress :-)
  4. Hi All Long time reader, but first time topic starter :-) Thank you for a great forum. I need some help getting started - I love to build, but lack talent in designing the models. How did you begin when you first started building your own models using LDD? I have decided to create a double sized Lego Yoda using LDD. My initial plan was to hire someone on this forum to help me, but I understand this is not allowed :-) I want Yoda to be roughly 130cm from head to toe. He has to be able to stand on his own unassisted Has to be in one of the poses linked below: Do you guys have any ideas? Cheers
  5. LEGOtastic

    REVIEW: 75165 Imperial Trooper Battle Pack

    Have a few myself, love this range!