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  1. I don’t think but, if you go to the groups tab, I always separate the URL from other elements (and, often, some parts from others). There you have full control on everything.
  2. Oh, sorry guys, I’ve never realized that the “URL” could interfere with the parts list (I hope nobody ordered my website on BrickLink so far!). :P Too bad there are no ways to add notes in the LDD project (they would be very useful) and I wanted to leave a way to link to the original mod page, in case someone would like to know more. :)
  3. Yes, I think the best solution is to complete it before start the modding. If you leave the “main road” and make a mistake (some later piece not fitting, properly, for example), it would be a mess to go back and correct it. I remember how scared I was when I started to apply mods. But, after some weeks I learned the MF so well I think I can (almost) rebuild it without manual. Well, not true but, at least, I feel much more confident. :)
  4. I think that Arduino and its programmable functions could provide a realistic and cheap solution. That way you can assign every led the proper function (change brightness for engine, blinking for lasers, dimming for cockpit and so on). It could require a bit of studying and tral&error but I guess that’s how the lightmyfalcon and similar led systems work. As soon as I’ll decide my mods will be finished, I’ll start to read more about it. :)
  5. Here you go: http://www.lemonskin.net/io/11310#rampa Ignore the text (there’s a translation button in the lower left corner, if you want to know more) and download the LDD file. It’s not super easy, as you need to do some minor changes to structure to free a bit of space, but it’s not too complicated either. :)
  6. On my blog you can download the LDD file of that mod, just to have an idea about where to start from: http://www.lemonskin.net/io/11310#mandibole Just remember to select “English” in the translation bar in the lower left side of the page. :)
  7. Hey @DarthTwoShedsJackson, you forgot the antenna!! just joking, it’s really beautiful. :)
  8. Nice. Next move would be integrate both mechanisms in only one. :)
  9. Hi, and welcome to the light side of posters. :D Your mods on MF circumference are very interesting, especially the engine extension, that's more similar to the real piece of junk. You just gave me an idea for a new change (next year). :)
  10. Today I had a bit of fun with my MILFone. I’ve changed a bit the ramp (didn’t have all pieces, so maybe I’ll need to do a Bricklink order very soon). Then, having some more spare time, I’ve played a bit on a very basic hatch solution with the bricks I had at home. I know it’s way too different from the real thing, but I sort of like it. Here’s a very quick video I’ve uploaded on Facebook:
  11. Great job guys. I think I’ll change my engine soon with @Delta Walker one. I also need to redo the ramp as I didn’t want to change the internal structure so I’ve done many aesthetic compromises. And now I’m tempted by the top hatch. But I’ve to find a way to hide it as much as possible when closed. I foresee a new Star Wars Xmas. :D
  12. I think it’s the purpose of this kind of forums: find and share inspirations. :) I thought I’ve had finally done with my MF, but your engine is so tempting (along with @ekrangnes hatch) that I’m sure I’ll start working on it again. :)
  13. I guess we’re saying the same thing. I count the single landing gears and you count the *groups* of landing gears. :) Anyway, to answer to your question, I prefer the 5/7 much more. It makes the MF more “solid”.
  14. It has 5 in Episode IV and 7 in Episode V and VI. :) Here’s a screenshot of MF landing in Cloud City: The scene model only had 3 legs, because they built only half in the first movie. :)