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  1. I've applied a lot of new mods, some inspired by you (and correctly cited in my blog): New cockpit. New between-mandibles-cover and missiles (thanks @Kirton Bricks for the idea). New rooms. Room 2 Room 4. New doors. New ramp mechanism (thanks @TravisH44) Tons of additional images, explainations and LDD file on my blog: http://www.lemonskin.net/io/11310 (Remember to activate the page translation on the left bottom corner of the page).
  2. Yes, the base of the room, and the cannon are from Blocks Magazine. Indeed. Just for these two rooms I used about 700 pieces. I take my time as well. I'm modifying it since 2017. Taking long pauses from time to time. :)
  3. Finally all (well, not all, I forgot to order some, as usual) pieces arrived and I made some modifications to my internal rooms. I'd like to share you some: Not much to say here. I've implemented @ClassicLook's seats. Cockpit can be closed with all four minifigs correctly sit. While adding ClassicLook's "back seats tiles" I discovered that it was possible to open the hall to the ship. So I've added some deep. This room previously had the kitchen, a table with seats and a two-rows bed. As I've said in a previous post. I didn't like it very much, so I totally changed it. Here's an early stage. The room finished. Please ignore that horrible 2x6 red plate (and DBG tile) on the top of the bed. That's one of the bricks missing. :) Beds' roof can be removed for a better view of the sleeping area. Top view of the room, with all pipes, tubes and hyperspace engine greeblings. And, finally, the 4th room! I initially wanted a place where to store the unused antenna, and this was perfect. Then I thought "Why wasting it for storage, when I can build a whole new room? So here it is. I wanted to keep the cool "broken hull hole", so it's now a piece that can be removed (it sits within guides) to show the whole room. I didn't realize part of the hall was misaligned when I shot the pic. But soon you'll discover why it's that way. :) Of course it's perfectly aligned when the photographer is not dumb. Back of the room. A smugler's spaceship should have some secret slots to smugle himself. I know, I've made lots of secret compartments in all the ship but they're never enough. But a good scoundrel should be able to hide several people, so this part of the room can be removed as well. So far 4 minifigs can be hidden in various rooms on my falcon. I guess it's enough. :)
  4. @ClassicLook I agree, very nice solution. Soon or later I’ll touch again my engine, because those bars are really sexy. :)
  5. That was my first idea. But I think it's very complicated, especially aligning it perfectly with the ramp totally up and totally down.
  6. Just a quick idea, not sure if it can be done:
  7. Many thanks for the LDD file. Very interesting, I didn't know that Lego piece at all. It makes the opening very nice. :) My initial idea was to position it in the middle of the "hangar door" (of course with all the greeblings, but I'm not sure if it's possible): I'll start experimenting as soon as I'll finish the internal rooms, and that will take me some weeks/months. :)
  8. @TravisH44 I’d like to have the LDD file as well. An opening mechanism for the ramp is something that constantly bounces on my mind. And I still didn’t find a satisfying solution. :)
  9. Very nice idea! I've just ordered the pieces to create the 4th room (and edit one of the old ones), but this is a very interesting mod. P.S. I love the Haynes manual.
  10. I fear the pneumatic solution makes the panels too high, as I had to fit a 1x1 brick with hole. Not sure if the top cone will fit.
  11. Some additional experiments with the cockpit panels and handles. Prints are limited by LDD ones, maybe there's something better to choose from. I'm not sure if these solution fits inside the cones, as LDD still doesn't have the correct Falcon's one. But I think it's a small improvement from my old one. Any suggestion?
  12. Oh, I see. :) I've never seen this pic, it's a great source of inspiration but I think that, after all, what I call "backrests" could be interpreted the way we prefer. For sure they make a great contrast for background (I didn't realize it was dark tan in your pics, I used tan). I think I have to work a bit more on the panels between seats. I've made a very simplified version, but maybe it can get some more love.
  13. @ClassicLook Your cockpit version is without doubt the best looking one. I'm still not sure about cloches (especially because they take one precious studs slot) but the seats and the back part, that simulates the "backrests", are gorgeous. I had a quick look at my version and, simply changing the front seats, I was able to find a solution where everyone can sit and cockpit glass can be closed: For the moment I'm leaving the black seats because, when minifig are there, they can't be seen much (and backrests still look great), but without minifig it would look a bit too empty. But you can easily switch them with 2x2 tan plate brick: I guess we're not very far from a final, satisfaction version of this darn cockpit! :)
  14. This is a superquick preview: In my mod (it was originary inspired by Blocks Mag ones) the drop down shooter is stil perfectly working. I've just left it "outside" of the room and covered it with one of my black doors. Efferman's stand was one of the options I've took in consideration when I was looking for a place to display my falcon. At the end I've found a nice coffee table and I went in that direction. If you're curious here's all the long story about it: http://www.lemonskin.net/io/10482 I like your approach, that's totally different from mine, but I don't think it would fit well the style of my rooms. I don't dislike studs as floor, it keeps the model very Legoish. :)
  15. Just a quick update on my room reorganization. I was thinking the hyperspace engine, the heart of the Falcon, should have more importance, so I've built a new bedroom and added a bit of mechanical and pneumatic greebling all around it: I'll share the project file once I'll reach a final stage I'll be happy about. :)