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  1. Lock

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    Hi guys, I’ve made some changes to my DeLorean to improve flaws, add features and simplify the switch between movies configurations. :) You can see them here:
  2. You’re welcome! And you’ve made a great job. :)
  3. It sounds interesting. :)
  4. It’s really marvelous. You should make a video about your Falcon, as it has so many details it’s very hard to get the complete picture of the internals. :)
  5. That’s really nice, @Friedie. How do you close the top part? It’s a big “cover” or just small parts like the in the Lego one?
  6. Well, 11.000 pieces, $ 2.000. It plays in another division.
  7. @Neophyte_brickie, I really appreciate you efforts and, despite being the 8 sides less appealing than 10 one, I like the great ideas you come out with, every time. :) Unfortunately I still didn’t have time to open Stud.io and have a serious look at your projects (it’s a really busy time for me) but, among all the docking ring efforts (including the original one by Marshal Banana) I’ve seen so far, this is the one I’d like to apply to my Falcon, once we’ll finally find a definitive shape. :)
  8. Many thanks. :) Yes, I guessed thatt. :)
  9. It's what I was thinking. :) Do you have, by chance, the LDD or Stud.io project? I really like it and I'd like to study it a bit. Not sure if that old chain can be still found on Bricklink at a decent price, thu. :)
  10. Eh eh, I agree with you. Maybe there will never been a perfect solution for that and my bulldozer wants its pieces back, so I'm going to disassemble the test. :) Btw, I love your last solution, but I fear it will be too big, as the internal round plate is already 8 studs large. There are plenty of ideas on this thread about docking rings, so I'll keep following it in case someone will come out with a new solution. For the moment I'll stick with the original design. :)
  11. @Vouatch Wow, your front module is wonderful. I especially love the "front engine", like a car. :) The only reason I'm not building it is because the MF would become longer than my table. :(: You're right, the ring is a bit smaller than original one: Maybe I could add another plate below the tiles, but I fear the gap will become bigger. Or maybe @Neophyte_brickie solution of his last experiment, as I see he also uses 10 sides. :) The funny gear you posted seems interesting but we have to see if it's possible to put the tracks around it. :) @Onecrazy95civic You can check this page. After the list of pieces required for the build they show a list of extra pieces: https://postimg.cc/K1r0RJBF/467eb81d
  12. In the last weeks I've followed with interest the evolution of your dock rings and, while I'm still not convinced I want to change the default ones (I don't think they're very bad), I've decided to give it a try, so here's my idea. :) First of all I'd like to celebrate with one minute of silence my loved 856 Bulldozer (I guess in US it has a different number) because I had to mutilate it in order to get some piece. :P Second, please forgive me for the bad images (my iPhone 6S is getting really old) and for the rainbow color of the pieces: I didn't have the most I needed so I had to improvise with what I had. Ok, let's start: I went with a 10 sides polygon. Not because I wanted exactly 10 sides but... well, it's what came out after one hour of efforts: While the construction is very delicate, once mounted it's quite sturdy (but still not good for play). What I really cared of was to have the inclined plates. The gap between the ring and the "body" can be minimized adding some plates or rings; I didn't change the original Lego design at all (forgot). :) Here you can see the wheel of the bulldozer. :) I've chosen this method to leave plenty of space for the inside greeblings of the ring. Later on this topic. This is the heart of the concept. Here's how it works: The light tan is the plate, the dark tan should have been 1x3 but I didn't have, so ignore it. The gap between the 1x2 brick and the rest of the structure is to keep it anchored to the tracks. Also ignore the 1x2 brick with hole, it's not the correct piece, but it's a pic from a previous version. The correct pieces are two 1x2 plates, as you can see in the previous image. Anyway, this way the 1x3 plate goes "inside" the track and it's kept secured by the rear brick (plate). Here's the result, seen from behind. Very colorful! :) The inside (front) part of the ring can be connected in various ways, for example here I'm using an axle: I didn't work on this detail because I think @Neophyte_brickie solution, that I love, could be adapted without any problem. This is just (a part of) the original lego inside ring, as example: Of course a round plate could (and should) cover the parts below the external plates. I think it's also possible to implement the nice "corner plates" as in the rendering of @Vouatch, to make the external ring more similar to the real thing; unfortunately I didn't have any of them. Well, maybe it still need some small improvements here and there (and a wise choice of colors to minimize gaps) but I think it's not bad. Should I change original ones I think I'll go this way; or something similar. :)
  13. @Neophyte_brickie I agree, everyone of us has his own tastes, and it’s right to follow them. As I’ve recently decided I don’t like at all the new movie trilogy I’m going to remove everything about it from my Falcon, minifigs included. So I guess I’ll give some tries to docking rings as well. :)
  14. I love the new inner part of the ring @Neophyte_brickie, but I’m still not convinced by the external part, it doesn’t remind me the real thing at all. I still think something like this would be more appropriate, even if I’ve no idea if they can match somehow:
  15. It looks very nice. Honestly this is the main reason why I’m not attracted by this mod, but it’s clear there aren’t many other alternatives as good as it. :)