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  1. TheFunnyMan


    @Bricked1980, Any chance you are working on instructions for this yet? I really want to add this one to my city! I'll make a whole new street for this if I have to!
  2. TheFunnyMan

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    It was relatively expensive - If I added to the wanted list and chose 'new' condition only for the bricks it would have been like $700 to build. Putting in 'Used' dropped it to around $400+ and it was in the high $300 range (USD) for 'any' condition - I ended up doing used bricks plus subtracting what I already had on hand and it was about $300 for the bike shop. A little more for the hospital because of all the masonry bricks but I really wanted them to all be new so it would shine. And yes - the instructions were in PDF format. I had them up on my ipad and sometimes on my laptop while building. Here is a link to where they sell their instuctions - I have several other builds to catch up on but once i'm done with those, and ESPECIALLY if LEGO does not release a modular in January, I'll circle back and do at least one more from Brickative if not 2. I really REALLY like their "Victor's Lab" build.
  3. TheFunnyMan

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    Ok so the Bike Shop and Hospital next to it are from a group called Brickative - google them - they make some pretty cool stuff. I bought instructions from them. They provided an XML file to me and I uploaded that to mybrick link 'wanted lists' - then I went through that list and found (within reason) as many bricks as I could in my own stockpile and removed those bricks from the list so that I didn't order a bunch of stuff that I already had. I did have one issue with the hospital and I contacted Brickative and the guy got back to me really fast and provided the info I needed.
  4. TheFunnyMan

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    Thanks for the comment! I plan to replace all of the old style trees eventually. I want to use the tree style that they used for the coaster set which uses that new 3-pedal leaf design but it's going to take a while to source those bricks. I've had lots of other tree ideas that I have found around the web and some that I have thought of myself but they have all looked kind of dumb when I actually put them in place. Sometimes you just gotta use what you have, right? :)
  5. TheFunnyMan

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    Thanks for all the comments about the townhouses - they are only partly my own designs. About 2 years ago I got some instructions for free from and modified them to be a little more basic and also fit what I already had the bricks for. Once I got the sand-green one done I ordered the bricks (bricklink) for the other 3. My goal was to create 4 identical houses with 4 identical families living in - all with the dad going to work, kids playing, etc - kind of a lame attempt at irony. The "book shop" is an alternative build to the "Pet Shop" that I bought the instructions for from rebrickable. It was a frustrating build but it was a cool way to mix things up. In the future i'm doing alt-builds for the detective's office, brick bank and the diner. Always working!
  6. TheFunnyMan

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    I did it! I did it! I make pictures happen! (had to setup a Flickr account just for this purpose :) )
  7. TheFunnyMan

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    My neck is killing me - Admins - can you delete this thread until I can figure a better way of posting my images?
  8. TheFunnyMan

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    Well I wanted to post some of the pics right in this thread but - I even searched the eurobricks site to see how to post pics here (no different than most forums) but everything just shows the links - any advice would be welcomed!
  9. TheFunnyMan

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    This is my setup as of November 2018. It's always evolving so I don't want to over-explain what i'm doing, where i'm heading with it or how I got there. Would love to hear everyone's honest thoughts on this stuff... I only put some of the pics in this post - the rest can be found here:!AkOVanwP86VRg6l9Mj2R98X4uKHlhw 20181123_015850841_iOS by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_015911237_iOS (2) by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_015938748_iOS (2) by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_015949913_iOS (2) by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_020109890_iOS (2) by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_020243977_iOS by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_020250042_iOS (2) by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_020401019_iOS (2) by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_020523281_iOS by Rocco C, on Flickr 20181123_020335299_iOS (2) by Rocco C, on Flickr
  10. TheFunnyMan


    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!! Please put out parts list and instructions. I will pay - speaking for others, we will all pay for this and Queen Bricktoria!!!!!
  11. TheFunnyMan


    Let me be your test case! I've got oodles of bricks and a BrickLink addiction to go with it. Produce viable instructions and a brick link parts-list and I'll build it and put it on my table with all the LEGO modular!
  12. TheFunnyMan


    WOW. This is absolutely shocking. I want to build it and have it in my city badly. Do you have any plans to sell the LDD file or make instructions? Please let me know if you plan on doing this! I WANT TO BUILD THIS NOW!!!! :)
  13. TheFunnyMan

    [MOC] Bikes Shop Modular

    Dude I want to build this now! Please let us know when you guys are done with your vacation so I can buy this. Really looking forward to this build!!! In the meantime - does anyone have a parts-list they can share so I can at least make sure I have the bricks ready to go for it?
  14. TheFunnyMan

    Cars for Modular Round 2

    If this is rude to ask - please forgive me. Is it possible to get instructions for these? I am willing to pay. Thanks!