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  1. Anybody have any ideas on how to melt Technic Axle Pins? This, or this. I soaked a blue axle-pin in 100% acetone for like a day and nothing happened to it. I know my acetone is good as it easily turned a standard white leg into goop. I was planning on welding the pin end into the bottom hole of a 2x2 brick or a minifig hat. Anyone know if MEK would work? Or do I need something else? Just want to see if anyone has experience before buying. I was hoping to soak the pin end in some solvent and soften it enough so that when I jam it into a hat, the pin mushrooms/deforms into a blob a bit. What about heating the pin gently over a candle flame? Otherwise, I suppose my other option is to glue the pin to the hat with some plastic cement/putty/CA super glue, etc. Thanks!