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  1. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Hi thanks in advance for the great work just one question has anyone tried to do ball factory?? done most of it but having a lot of problems with finishing it had some with building instructions in some part where a bit of trying to do this with my kid and thinking invite more I could chew any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. Solid Gold C3PO question

    Yeah some knob heads in there and most are just jealous of your some winning it and got to see that we had a few scammers so people now aren't as much friendly but think he should have put a pic with his first post lots of haters wouldn't have comment only mention that page because of a member that has a massive collection and he does pay top dólar for stuff wen he could wait a few weeks but he don't care he just wants and pays for it and to be honest seen many collections but like his none me personality was happy just by seeing the pic mate have a good one and remember theirs always going to be haters troules what ever they are all the best
  3. Solid Gold C3PO question

    First of all congratulations on winning that gem to any not just lego but Star Wars collector now selling like said here there's a page on Facebook that has massive of lego Star Wars one i peticular comes to mind only because he has probably the best biggest lego Star Wars collection he iven has the 3 framed bobas and still looking for others ebay got to see the more you get the more fees you have but definitely the best way to get more but first advertise it take pics like we use on theme pages name date and show it to the masses one thing is teu me I would like to know that went to someone that appreciate as a collector not as a way to invest in money but hey let the bigger pockets win it but once the word is out their will be a lot of interest in it hace a good one