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  1. dmcc0

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Still looks more like a Discovery than a Defender to me.
  2. dmcc0

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    @Malek83 looks like he's trying to lit himself in the first pic!
  3. dmcc0

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Could replace it with an actual battery box if adding PF.
  4. Awesome. Love "Thor's Hammer" version of the plow!
  5. Wow, that's a blast from the past. I remember my older brother had loads of Robitix stuff.
  6. dmcc0

    GBC General Discussion

    Thanks @djm , not sure how I missed that post as I'm a regular reader of that thread. Will maybe pick some up with my next order and give them a go.
  7. dmcc0

    GBC General Discussion

    Has anyone found an alternative to the chrome headlight part (71128) used in Akiyuki's cup to cup etc? They are becoming more scarce (and expensive) on bricklink, especially if multiples are required and was hoping to maybe find a cheaper alternative. Was thinking possibly part 39262 (crown form TLM2s Queen), anyone tried this?
  8. @Digger of Bricks There was a post on the Brickset Website and Forums a few days ago asking for questions to ask, so seems it is going ahead.
  9. dmcc0

    [REVIEW] Lego Cranes Competition

    Surely you can never have enough cranes? ;-)
  10. dmcc0

    Lego wheel diameter size question

    Bricklink showing the same size as Brickset - 61.6 x 13.6 Clicking through that Brickowl link, it does actually show the correct size under the title (see screengrab below)
  11. dmcc0

    Lego wheel diameter size question

    The numbers are diameter x thickness (in mm). According to brickset 2903 is actually 61.6 x 13.6. Where does the 81.6 x 15 come from? Is that the tyre size maybe? Edit: Answering my own question. It seems 2903 is the rim size and 81.6 x 15 is indeed the size of the tyre that fits it - part 87911
  12. Remember that votes from users with <50 posts were not included in the total. Looking through the results, there were a few sub-50-post users voted for your entry
  13. I thought I'd read the 50 posts rule somewhere, although doesn't actually mention 50 post threshold in the voting topic though (or didn't when I looked) so I went ahead and voted. Apologies if I've broken any rules.
  14. All great entries. Well done to those who participated. 12: 10 5: 6 3: 4 11: 3 4: 2 1: 1