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  1. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Yes you could get 3. Also all it takes is to take your partner and someone else who wants to make some easy cash. It's not like a vip card was difficult to get. Now with that said. How many do you think you could actually have bought online. I could have got 3 sent to home, 3 to parents address and 3 to work address.
  2. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Indeed, they dropped the ball here and I've written to the MD of TLG in the UK over this. For instance, they have a saying "overpaying is never fun" Yet for anyone living in London was able to buy 3 online, 3 in Westfield White City, 3 in Westfield Stratford and 3 in Leicester Square and if they were truly greedy 3 in Lego Milton Keynes which is 55miles away. So for some £7800 turned into a magical £20k+ in a week....all for 3hrs work....Guessing those boys trading in the city are rethinking their careers. Shambles of a launch.
  3. therealharbinger

    [UCS] BrickLink'd 7194 Yoda

    Hi All, Need to bump this to get some help please. Does anyone know the actual difference between part 3794 and 15573? Reason being the parts I was sent when I bought 3794 were the wrong colour ( I was sent brown) and these seem to be frighteningly expensive to buy, some £1.50 a pop which is ridiculous. The latter I can get for 20p a piece which at this point I am more than willing to do, but I don't know and cannot see what the difference is on the underside or if it would work as a substitute? Any ideas please.
  4. therealharbinger

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017

    £650, Jesus Wept. At least in years to come it should be worth a few £k. I'd like some clarification over the Unique VIP card though, can I get one as a current member? I have £95 worth of points at the moment and soon to gain a bit more when I buy BB-8 Shortly.
  5. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    That piece mentioned also may not even serve the purpose people are saying it does.
  6. therealharbinger

    Ring-Worlds - An ongoing project

    Another idea. Micro scale falcon diving into death star 2. Few turbo lasers and a 3d thermal exhaust port. Tie fighters in pursuit.
  7. There are none with x at all. Can you get a Hutt Fig? pretty sure Jabbas wife / woman / thing is called Niima or something like that. Jabba from the sail barge set + wig = job jobbed.
  8. therealharbinger

    Ring-Worlds - An ongoing project

    These are brilliant. So original and well thought out. Seriously well friggin done. Be proud. One that would be cool for this is the landing platform in empire strikes back. Bob fett having solo loaded into slave 1. Would be pretty cool.
  9. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars Pricing Discussion Thread

    I'm sure the logic behind it is associated to the movie hype. Rouge one had nowhere near the hype compared to Force Awakens, thus indicating a need to sell stock at a lower cost to prevent surplus and it not selling in time for the next batches. Possibly anyway. There is a logic to it that only marketing types will understand but it will all be supply and demand at the root of it. Huge demand = Higher prices as you can get away with it, less demand = Dump stock quick. I still do not think it's reasonable to expect lego to account costs for someone buying the entire set AND the falcon, if someone is doing this they are a die hard fan and collector and I would assume the big wigs at the top are more than safe in the knowledge they'll put up and shut up regardless. People still queue for the latest Iphone when it rolls in @£989 (yes this is how much this weighed in at) and there is no discernible difference between them right. Apples Model shows everyone how to price things up.
  10. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Customs is different to a trade deal. The eu turkey trade deal only covers industrial goods. Everything else is excluded sadly. Trade union was not progressed as it has to be mutual. Off topic sorry. OT where is my MF teaser!
  11. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Those prices in Turkey are actually pretty cheap. I think the estimates above could be wrong. That puts Bb8 at bang on £100... But in a nation with high (very) import taxes and no trade deal with the EEA/C and EU. Interesting.
  12. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars Pricing Discussion Thread

    Value is all in the eye of the beholder. I am surprised some people are annoyed over the cost of the whole batch going up in price. I honestly don't think lego consider that people want to buy the entire wave. And then the next and the next. This isn't a new trend. Everytime a new phone comes out guess what it's more expensive. The next model of your car rolls out the factory have they ever been the same even? Extra demand for more product = will always result in higher end prices. The two examples are a result of soaring R&D costs. The days of letting products run for long periods of time are long over. It's all about cramming as much down your throats as possible.
  13. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Shouldn't we get a nice new teaser today?
  14. therealharbinger

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Depends if they are new bricks or not. Some may have larger pieces which cost more to produce than a set with more bricks but far smaller. Bb8 looks like it'll have a huge number of 1x1s and 1x2
  15. therealharbinger

    What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    A proper Outrider. It's the in the 97 re release of new hope too for those that paid attention to the 1s it's visible for. There are a few attempts but none have actually done a decent job of it imo. Time for the bench mark to be set.