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  1. Psithur

    [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    Very impressive, love the scale all the models are in. Great work.
  2. This set is a big skip for me. The lack of proper suspension is a real turn off, if you will for me. But even so the price point is ludicrously high imo. I understand that power function elements are high priced, but as noted the set should still be much, much less expensive. I'm skipping this one, not worth my money.
  3. Great review. I'm personally very excited for the set. Although I'm a little on the fence of whether the set should include treads or wheels, the treads do add the uniqueness factor but the aesthetics are much more pleasing with the tires. Many awesome features in this set as well, may have to pick this up sometime.
  4. Interesting idea, would really like to see something like this.
  5. Ehh, I'm personally on the border here. The printed parts look neat, but that's it imo. Build looks odd and the legs need quite a bit of work. Definitely not the worst one we've seen I think but it's down there.
  6. Psithur

    Öncam & Egzoz Inc.

    The Octan station looks super cool.
  7. Psithur

    MOC: roadster California (real convertable!)

    Really cool, I especially like the retractable roof here.
  8. Super cool! Joining classic space and Star Wars (2 of some of my favorite things is eye catching, but the limited part types really stand out while being able to maintain the classic look of the ship. Great work.
  9. Mind blowing model! The shaping with the panels is top notch, and all the features included are quite awesome.
  10. Psithur

    [MOC] Riddles in the Dark...

    Very nice detailing!
  11. Psithur

    [MOC] Group-C Race Car

    You really did capture it, I love the model, very visually appealing.
  12. Psithur

    [MOC] Some vehicles

    All these look great! My favorite has gotta be the Barista.
  13. Psithur

    [MOC] The Doors - Rock Band

    Really cool, I especially like the shaping on the letters.
  14. Psithur

    [MOC] Ebon Hawk

    It's been a long time since I've seen one of these done in lego, and this one looks pretty good. Detailing is nice, some angles don't look to appealing I think, however.
  15. ISD's are some of my favorite imperial ships, and this one looks phenomenal. I really like everything on this, both inside and out. Stellar work.