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    Lego, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, reading, writing and drawing
  1. Darth Lion

    "Hound's snout"

    Glad you like it. Well, to make the upper part move you need a gap. Unfortunately this wouldn't look great but it's a feature I wanted to include because the bomber actually had been a freighter long ago. What do you mean, I did draw it of course. This is a function of "paint.NET" - freeware.
  2. Darth Lion

    "Hound's snout"

    Heyho, I spent a lot of time with this project so I hope you enjoy it . The "Hound's snout" is the Personal starship of Grin Saaro, a Neimoidian bounty hunter, which has been hired by Separatist leader Nute Gunray during the Clone Wars. Just a little sketch of the ship And the brick version ;-D The rear of the spaceship The front of the spaceship Front details and engines and armory shot from the side, you can see the "snout" of the ship The "Hound's snout" was originally designed and produced by the Calamari. The original version was a freighter and unarmed but Saaro modified it because of his job. He added one torpedo thrower and one Type-3-Laser canon on each side and turned the freighter into a massive bomber. To get it into the air the ship needs a fifth engine at the rear as you can see in the pictures. It has got heavy shields and an armor, which is able to deflect weaker laser fire by itself. Well, I hope you like it - C&C is appreciated of course. Lion
  3. Darth Lion

    Cantina Life

    Actually he's searching for a last drop of Corellian Ale in his bottle.
  4. Darth Lion

    Cantina Life

    Thanks, glad you like the speech balloons.
  5. Darth Lion

    Cantina Life

    Wow thanks. Ehm, are their more of you guys who cannot see the pics? If so I would upload them again.
  6. Darth Lion

    Cantina Life

    Really? For me they work fine.
  7. Darth Lion

    Cantina Life

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Yes, the base did cost me some time though I built it kind of spontaneously.
  8. Darth Lion

    Cantina Life

    For any reason I knew one of you guys would mention this. Thx.
  9. Darth Lion

    Cantina Life

    Heyho, I actually didn't want do do a last minute entry but I was very busy so I'm proud to present my entry: The video of Robot chicken inspired me to do something with the Tatooine Cantina that of course all of us know, right? This is actually kind of an ironic insider joke. I wanted to allude to the parallels between the old and the new trilogy and the cantina scenes are omnipresent. Obi-Wan Kenobi is remembering, when he entered a cantina last time - a Jedi's everyday work ... Hope you like it!
  10. Darth Lion

    munificent class star frigate

    Nice work, though I think it's VERY similar to this one, which was built in 2007 ...
  11. Copy that, sir. I'm not quite sure if this is easier ... looks like you put a lot of work into this - great, realistic shape.
  12. I personally used paint.NET in combination with unFREEZE, a free gif animator! It's really simple but you should have some skills and TIME. UnFREEZE may be not as good as photshop but it's a freeware and a good alternative with good outcome! What's the problem? I actually had the problem, that, if you insert too much frames, the gif won't work on avatars. If you could describe the problem I might be able to help.
  13. Darth Lion

    What are you going as for halloween?

    Just look at my avatar - no just kidding Those stormtrooper armors are not cheap ...
  14. Darth Lion

    Designing Cloud City

    Nice start definately! You immediately notice how much brain you put into this. Hope you stay motivated ...
  15. Just finished mine - took me hours to get it right But it was a lot of fun!