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    Monster trucks

    Hello, While I wish and wait for a big official monster truck set I was wondering if anyone has created one of their own? There seems to be mostly trucks and sports cars built. Also, are there big enough tires available in order to build one properly?
  2. dbostream

    MOC StarCraft 2 Technic Siege Tank

    Looks awesome, keep it up!
  3. dbostream

    [Review] 8109 Tow Truck

    thanks a lot.
  4. dbostream

    [Review] 8109 Tow Truck

    I would appreciate it if you could post a part list like you did for the Service Truck.
  5. dbostream

    8109 flatbed truck

    Thanks a lot!
  6. When exactly do you expect the 8258 to be discontinued? I am most likely gonna buy it but I am not planning on doing it for another month or two; but if I have to I will do it earlier.
  7. dbostream

    RC tatra 8x8

    Looks very nice and very dirty! :D
  8. dbostream

    8109 flatbed truck

    There are plenty of new pictures of the Unimog but has anyone found any news regarding this model? picture, dimensions etc.
  9. There are plenty of parts I want from this model but I don't want the model itself. I hope the parts will be used in upcoming models too or at least be buyable individually for a reasonable price.
  10. dbostream

    Trial Jeep

    Looks great, perfect with yellow. I just have an off-topic question, the alternative part on page 2 in the pdf instructions: I cannot find it in either LDD or SR 3D Builder does it exist or have I simply missed it?
  11. Remember getting this model when I was a kid, it was my favourite for a very long time.
  12. dbostream

    MOC: Case Steiger 335

    Looks good.
  13. You are probably right, however to me that is one of the most important things but on the other hand I don't play with the models once they are built. If you ask me the only disappointment with the 8070 supercar was the non-working steering wheel.
  14. I think it is sad that no/very few models nowadays have a working steering wheel, from the look of it that is the case here too.
  15. I want those wheels and shock absorbers.
  16. So how big does that make the model? How big is a Unimog irl?
  17. dbostream

    Rolic's Lego SAAB 9-5 Wagon

    Amazing, great details and I love the engine.
  18. Really nice, would like to see more classics; even older than this one.
  19. Perhaps when it was new.
  20. dbostream

    "Dikkie Klijn" his Liebherr LTM 1150 MOC

    wow amazing build.
  21. dbostream

    8109 flatbed truck

    Good, I could use some of those wheels, I only have big ones atm so I am forced to build big cars. :)
  22. dbostream

    8109 flatbed truck

    Looks like it will cost around 770 SEK in Sweden, accetable price but I will wait for a review before I make a decision. Anyone recognize the size of the wheels?
  23. It is listed in a swedish store for 1424 SEK, I expected it to be more expensive but still a bit too much for me. At least for now...
  24. dbostream

    Gearbox question

    I want to create a gearbox with the following properties: Forward gear: Only allow forward movement Neutral: Allow movement in both directions Reverse gear: Only allow backward movement Is this possible? I cannot figure out a way to restrict axle movement to one direction only when not in neutral. There is not gonna be an electrical motor involved in my car. EDIT: I have found a way that kind of works, to have a brick get stuck between two teeth on a gear at a certain angle. The positive thing is it locks in one direction but the bad part is that the direction that doesn't get locked makes some noise. Any ideas are welcome.
  25. dbostream

    Gearbox question

    Thank you Ape Fight and allanp. My current attempt looks similar to your first solution allanp, unfortunately I don't have the parts to try your silent one.