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  1. Bodywork looks spot on. I have also tried creating adjustable suspension systems. They are rather tricky to incorporate into an rc drive train and a fully rc model. The amount of force required to compress the shocks is enormous for a fully rc system. I love your solution though, it is simple and very effective, but I would agree rather tricky to incorporate if space is a concern.
  2. Impressive as always.
  3. It took me about a year because I have only been building with technic for about 1 and a half years now. I was a system guy before that building 6 wide cars. The model has gone through about 3 iterations at this point, this being the final version. I consider the early models to be very primitive compared to the final product. Most of the time was spent waiting to source parts and restructuring the entire chassis. It was a long process having no prior experience with technic, I wanted to try to get a well balanced car that had proper structure/ engineering and a clean aesthetic. The body only took me about a month to actually create, while the 3rd iteration of the chassis including the monocell and the 3rd iteration of the gearbox took me 3 months to complete.
  4. thanks! I do not know if I will have the time during the school year, but expect a breakdown at some point. Most of the spare time I have will be dedicated to my Dodge viper ACR model. Thanks! Glad you like the model
  5. Thanks for stopping by. Flex axles to me were the best way of doing the body shape. It was a real balancing act using them because I did not want to use them as a crutch. Glad you like the build despite that!
  6. Thank you for the kind words. It was a real balancing act in terms of the panel to flex axle ratio I wanted the car to have enough panels to create a solid shape while still maintaining the flow of the body lines of the car. I wanted all black surfaces to be solid and more filled in to create a structure for the car. I will do a more detailed breakdown of the car soon for the sub frame and mechanics of the car. Yes the car has a 1/2 stud travel on the suspension. This was done to give the car a low race car feel like the suspension of the car while it is in race mode. Thanks again for stopping by! Thanks for the comment! I agree it is a bit long, but I had to get that front blade panel in there somehow. Thank you glad to be here! Thank you Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I agree it is a bit flat but at the scale I was working in it got very difficult to raise the hood. Originally the hood was one stud higher but it didn't look right to me. Thanks!
  7. Hello, here is my Mclaren P1 model. It is my first Technic creation ever. I never knew this forum existed until a couple of weeks ago. It seems pretty awesome. Video Features Remote controlled 4 speed gearbox driving the car Servo steering Full independent suspension Remote controlled adjustable rear spoiler including a DRS pitch Opening doors Monocell sub frame