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  1. For all of those who wish the 42070 Tow Truck was cheaper (which is just about everyone), in the US at least Walmart is selling the set for a great price of $204.99. I am unsure as to how long this deal will last so you may need to act fast on it. Seems even Walmart knows that the set is over priced. Hopefully a few more people will give the set a chance now.
  2. Hey Guys Thank you all for the responses back! I have taken most of the gearbox assembly apart and have accessed the clutch gears. Everything else appeared in order so I will be ordering up a new clutch gear and hope that's the problem. I tested the gear and it was slipping quite easily when I inserted a shaft into the center. Seriously though you guys are awesome, thank you for all the help! I love Eurobricks already, haha!
  3. Funny that the most oddball of the 2H 2017 sets has now become my favorite of the trio. I still think this set should have been the Remote Control one, it's a natural fit. Either way, great job on the review Jim, it was a pleasure to read. Anyone else think this set screams Motorstorm Arctic Edge!!?
  4. Hello everyone I am a brand new member to the Euro Bricks community having been a long time browser of the site. I decided to become a member recently due to the failure of one of my sets improperly functioning. I own the Technic Crawler Crane (42042) and have thoroughly enjoyed that set. Just recently it has developed a problem no one can resolve. For some unknown reason, the functions involving moving forwards and back, as well as lowering and raising the boom have started to struggle drastically. New batteries solved nothing, no gears appear broken, and the motor has good torque still. Yet when I try the functions it is clear something is wrong. The turning of the body and the lowering of the claw appear to be fine. I am hoping that someone can help my problem as this set is one of my favorites and it is now discontinued. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!! Thank you for your time. Here is the link to a video showing the problem: Regards Max