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    I like to drive around with my 1/10 model car and I sometimes play PC Games.

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  1. Hey @KikoTube Nice progress, really love the Cab and chassis so far
  2. Lol.. Probably you are the first to think about that Do all the Steering modes still work? And would it be possible, to add a drivetrain to the tracks?
  3. @LUCKINESS Well, I don't know that, but a workaround would be, to just render with a completely green background, and then make green in something like Gimp or Photoshop transparent. Allthough, this limits the color of models you can render, but you could actually also make any other color transparent. Then I also have a question. I'm rendering 360 Pictures for a gif. I have a not so good Pc, and because of this, every picture needs 20 or more minutes to render. Since I don't want to render through the night, I wanted to know, if i can just put my Pc to sleep mode. Will this stop the rendering process, or will it just pause the process? Edit: Somewhen I needed to turn off my pc, so.. I put it into sleep mode. Today I turned it on, and yes, it kept rendering! But, due to the 100% CPU usage,which I wanted to use for something else, I needed to stop the process...
  4. HDGamer2424

    [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    Yeah, it cost me some, but i've gained them back, at least I hope so No Problem, was a nice task to do
  5. HDGamer2424

    [MOC] Tractor Dump Trailer

    Hey Lego Community, over at Doktor-Brick I made an LDD file for the Trailer. The Download to it is attached in my post. I've also made an english part just for you all here Majkl Spajkl Anhänger 1080p by Julian HDGamer2424, auf Flickr Big Thanks to @MajklSpajkl for making the nice picture instruction!