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  1. be welcome taking a look at this one - - get the instructions, improve it, and please share it back here! ;) 560 - Townhouse with Garden [1978] errors: none (please help verifying) (i can't remember if this model is repeated here in this forum)
  2. thanks! (i'm getting old, i guess! :D )
  3. 555 - Hospital [1976] errors: missing stickers (please help verifying)
  4. 369 - Coastguard Station [1976] errors: none (please help verifying)
  5. thanks! :) 396 - Thatcher Perkins Locomotive [1976] errors: some wrong and missing bricks (please help verifying)
  6. a question: how are the .dat files from ldraw official and unofficial repositories made and maintained? i'm asking this after seeing that the maxifig hats and etc. are still missing after 3 years waiting... how can we help there?
  7. @Reuben, perhaps you might want to be yourself creating the digital model and help us, sharing them here when done? these .ldr files below were created from Leocad ( menu: file: import: set inventory) - now you just need to put the pieces in their correct places following the instructions! ;) 42098.ldr: 42079.ldr:
  8. you mean these ones? (please be more specific because lego manufactured different model boxes with the same index number... :S )
  9. a sneak peek of the "221 - Ideabook 1 [1973]" - - it's over 85% done... - 9 models still incomplete a question: has anyone a good scan of the cover (like 300dpi seems more than enough - or at least, better than this: ), that we could follow the whole instruction of the last model there, from just that part? (the only that is missing inside the book) another question: when ready, should this entry be stored in 65 ldr files with their screenshots, just one ldr and its screenshot with everything, or both? i guess ideabooks are special cases, they were on sale alone without bricks (just like a magazine), but the models there are quite interesting (at least in my very humble opinion) or perhaps ideabooks should be in another thread?
  10. 365 - Wild West Scene [1975] errors: missing stickers (please help verifying)
  11. or i didn't know that, or i forgot it totally - since around 3 years ago i'm not editing lego models - and thanks! :)
  12. 6371 - Service Station [1983] errors: wrong faceplate (unknown item id?), missing motorcycle body (x81.dat doesn't exist yet?), using fixed hinge (3149C01.dat), missing fuel hoses (please help verifying)
  13. downloading them! thanks! :) and thanks for all info! :)
  14. perhaps we need to know where are these missing .dat online, and add them at /usr/share/ldraw/parts/ ? i guess it seems enough? so we actually need to download them, they are not official yet, that's why...
  15. updated the ldr file and screenshot i think i don't have the yellow vest (3840d09.dat) in the library, just like those turbine fans... :S
  16. 6647 - Highway Repair [1980] errors: none (please help verifying)
  17. thanks! :) (updated ldr file and screenshot) btw, i guess that 4689.dat doesn't exist in the leocad library? (installed from Ubuntu's 19.10 repositories)
  18. 1973 - Emirates Airline - Promotional Set Airliner [1989] errors: none (please help verifying)
  19. sorry about, i will make a sabbatical pause for some months! :D - the situation is that i upgraded Ubuntu recently, and the LeoCad upgrade from 0.83.1-1 to 17.07-1 got really unstable, all .dat looked extremely glitchy, and trying to downgrade back to 0.83.1-1 didn’t solve that situation - and i still struggle a lot using other editors - so i’ll be absent for some while because of this... :(
  20. 252 - Locomotive with Engine Driver and Passenger [1974] errors: missing wig and hat;
  21. great, i have to try it so, asap - thanks! :)
  22. 107 - Canada Post Truck [1985] errors: none (please help verifying) i saw now that the installer is around 150mb, a bit too bloated for the disk space i have available... :S
  23. ppa or .deb somewhere would be really great, i’m quite disastrous on compiling sources... i have it installed actually, i’m curious about the proper command lines and procedures needed for the task i have no shading available from version 0.83.1 i have no idea what is about.... i share the same opinion! i wonder why @Darats complained so much! :D well, i’m 99.8% GNU/Linux, 0.1% OSX, 0.1% Haiku/BSD/IRIX/Plan-9/OpenIndiana/etc., and 0.00000000000000000% windoze! :D
  24. i quit... it seems way easier keep sharing screenshots in the way i were doing up to now...