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  1. Jeebus

    [MOC] The New Shogunate

    Wow this is really good. I like how the chainskirt moves.
  2. Jeebus

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    True, I used to have an issue with flesh and yellow, so I see what you mean. Nowadays I think it gives some variety. Yeah, I removed the Rohan soldiers. Thanks for the heads up! It seems the rule states to not post explicit replicas of existing Lego products as there could be pending lawsuits about copyright and such.
  3. Jeebus

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Thank you Exetrius. I too found the Black Legion to be the most interesting one, even though I made it the most recently. Do you have any advice/criticism of my armies? They are all in early stages of creation so any advice/recommendations/criticism is appreciated.
  4. Jeebus

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Hey guys! New user here. Been browsing this post for the past few months. Finally decided to upload some of my "armies." Still in the acquiring stage. EDIT: Please give me any advice/criticism you feel is necessary. All of these armies are still in early building stages! I am open to any advice from those of you who are more experienced. EDIT 2: Removed some violations/added some updates ---------------------------------- Crownies They were my first attempt at making the army of Gondor in 2008, since then I decided to focus on the Crownie army as both a medieval and LoTR army. Still working on building this army. I plan to acquire around 20 more spearmen and 15 more archers within the year, and after that add some heavy cavalry. Crownies by ZhaoPao, on Flickr 5 swordsmen 10 spearmen 5 archers 1 captain ---------------------------------- Orcs Orcs 1 by ZhaoPao, on Flickr Orcs 2 by ZhaoPao, on Flickr 47 Orcs, two large trolls, 1 orc leader (second picture) ---------------------------------- Black Legion Made these guys up yesterday, the general idea is that they are a collection of ancient heroes/powerful beings who have allied together. They ally with whoever they want. Black Legion by ZhaoPao, on Flickr IMG_4963 by ZhaoPao, on Flickr ---------------------------------- Vikings/Barbarians/Cannon Fodder Created these guys yesterday. They're currently in pre-alpha stage. An assortment of nomadic warriors and villagers led by the veteran Viking Lord (gold helmet). Viking Army by ZhaoPao, on Flickr ~40 warriors ----------------------------------