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  1. TassemetZateki

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I keep my eyes on facebook marketplace and you generally find some stupid good deals... Right now in Boston there is a guy selling an Arocks new in the box for 135 dollars. I've also picked up a 50 pound lot for free as people move or get rid of them.
  2. TassemetZateki

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Well considering that the model has been replicated in less then 24 hours it's looking like this weekend will see the release of the instructions haha
  3. TassemetZateki

    [HELP] Buying Humble Bundle Books

    As someone who read them for highschool robotics, I have to say that the arduino stuff was more impressive then the lego stuff- For that I'd go looking elsewhere for lego build ideas. For the price though, if you are new to lego and for sure arduino, then it's a great value.
  4. TassemetZateki

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    A vertical cup to cup... I dig it.
  5. TassemetZateki

    Lego Mecha Models

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm looking for something to build and put on my desk that is Mech/Mecha related, and my looks through several places have failed to yield me results. Specifically, I'm looking for something with instructions, on the slightly larger side, with details (not like the mini mecha/mech figures I've found), either with or without technic parts, with a sweet looking gun on it. Realistically, I'm looking towards anything you'd see from the game Lost Planet (I recently played that game and still love it!) Or even something Titanfall-ish is alright too. Thanks for the help! -Tassemet
  6. TassemetZateki

    Any New England/East Coast Events coming up?

    There is a huge Lego store/museum that opened up in Enfield, CT that has events I think every third Thursday of the month for AFOLs. I'm quick googling things now.
  7. TassemetZateki

    How To Order Legos?

    I'll have to head home to do that then since my work computer can't. I appreciate the help on clearing up the confusion!
  8. TassemetZateki

    How To Order Legos?

    Sweet. I appreciate the help! I'm copy pasting this from one of @Blakbird's parts lists and I'm getting the following: Invalid File Format: The element type "GuiState" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</GuiState>".
  9. TassemetZateki

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    See, that's why I like these machines. (I'm used to kits which once built you mod) These require repairs and upgrades, and I'm ok with that. As for timing well... I guess I'll just have to find out for myself.
  10. TassemetZateki

    How To Order Legos?

    Greetings everyone! Old fan of legos, but new to online ordering of them, especially when going after certain pieces for certain sets. I have this huge list I've found, but can't find where/how to upload it to generate an actual parts list, and I don't want to have to search for specific parts bit by bit on Bricklink or elsewhere. The list I have looks like this: //<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> //<!DOCTYPE BrickStockXML> //<BrickStockXML> //<Inventory> // <Item> // <ItemID>4186</ItemID> // <ItemTypeID>P</ItemTypeID> // <ColorID>86</ColorID> // <ItemName>Baseplate 48 x 48</ItemName> // <ItemTypeName>Part</ItemTypeName> // <ColorName>Light Bluish Gray</ColorName> // <CategoryID>2</CategoryID> // <CategoryName>Baseplate</CategoryName> // <Status>I</Status> // <Qty>2</Qty> // <Price>11.009</Price> // <Condition>U</Condition> // <OrigPrice>0.000</OrigPrice> // <OrigQty>0</OrigQty> // </Item> Where do I go to use a list like this and make my life easier? Thanks! -Tass
  11. TassemetZateki

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    As someone who has been at work pouring over this specific topic and reading all the hard work that everyone has been putting in, I have to admit that I am fascinated by the Bucket/Ball Factory and already am gearing up to buy the pieces and get it built. ... On that note I saw the one hour timing video and cringed a bit, but after reading that Blakbird was super pleased with the build process I have to say I'm inspired to complete it. I'll keep everyone up to date with how it is coming along, and no doubt I suspect once it is finished it will be run at local lego shows :)
  12. TassemetZateki

    Hello from Tassemet Zateki!

    Cheers! Im already in the process of putting together the Mercedes Arocks as we speak... though my love for building beverages and game of thrones season two has me not as focused as I should be haha
  13. TassemetZateki

    Hello from Tassemet Zateki!

    Greetings everyone! My name's Tassemet Zateki (or just Tass for short) and I've been lurking on the Eurobrick forum for a few months now and figured it's now time to just register so I can ask questions about building things! By and large, I'm a studless Technic builder and I've been doing it since I was in my early teens through until now, of which I am currently twenty five. My experience with Lego has been expansive and exhaustive, and I've participated in everything from First Lego League (both coaching and participating as a kid) to First Tech Challenge which was a metal platform powered by Lego Mindstorms NXT bricks. When I was younger, I ran Lego RCX in classrooms as part of the Mars challenge series, and later converted to Lego NXT so I could reprogram the brick and program it in Robot C, a custom C Language written by Carnegie Melon specifically for FTC (for both autonomous and manual operations). This allowed me to work with motor encoders, IR functions, ultrasonic applications, etc. Now that I'm older, I've kept the NXT brick with Robot C still onboard, though I am looking to potentially upgrade to the new Ev3 kit, but in the meantime, I am focusing on building up my technic part collection through Ebay bulk buys, good deals I find, and buying new sets to build! My current collection is a wack ton of Bionicle parts, sorted bulk parts, TLG's Porsche, the MK2 Crane (for the second time since I sold it once, then bought it back due to moving and space issues which I no longer have), and I just bought the Mercedes Arocks to learn and play with pneumatics as I hope to get into them in the future of my builds. A little about my personal (non-Lego) life: I'm active in the US military, 25, about to be engaged, and I have two beehives. Also, I'm on season 2 of game of thrones. I previously had a Scion FR-S which I totaled, so now lego has once again become my hobby while I drive my new jeep. I look forward to interesting and great discussions of LEGO with any and all of you! Cheers!
  14. TassemetZateki

    Outlaw...a Crowkillers production

    This thing is wicked cool and not to pull off topic but do you have a file for download for this? -Tass