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  1. CFOL

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I can say these are not leaks, it's just my wishlist
  2. CFOL

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Predictions for Great Vehicles 2020: (Prices are in Canadian Dollars) 60241: Forest Ranger Truck ($13) 60242: Supercar ($13) 60243: Cessna Small Aircraft ($25) 60244: Speedboat Transporter ($25) 60245: Dry Van ($25) 60246: Refrigerator Truck ($40) 60247: Heavy Tow Truck ($40) 60248: Yacht ($40)
  3. I think this is one of the most well covered up technic sets in recent memory.
  4. was the account that posted it.
  5. A picture of a Visitor's centre and tour vehicle have emerged on IG, though I am unsure if it is real or a MOC.
  6. Apparently, there are extra bits in the Mustang set to pimp it out, at least that's what I've heard.
  7. Here's my take on them: 60212: I dislike that Lego is packing the juniors and normal themes together now, it gives people less options to choose from if they don't like simple builds 60213: Looks okay, but I won't get it. The boat looks a little kiddish as well 60216: The highlight of the whole theme this year, it has one of the most realistic fire trucks from Lego in recent years. I think the light and sound system is the downpoint, I think it shouldn't have made a return. The water shooters look interesting, I wonder if the big one shoots actual water or if it's just a piece. I'm hoping the price doesn't exceed $150 in Canadian dollars. 60218: A nice rally vehicle, but it doesn't stand out among the rest 60220: 60221: A nice boat, but it seems too small to be a yacht. 60222: The inclusion of a snow cannon makes no sense to me, but it's not a horrible set 60223: The second set of the bunch I would consider buying, the front end looks very unique, never seen something like that from Lego. The harvester looks a bit too small, but I don't mind that all that munch. Will get it if it's $40 or $45 Canadian.
  8. CFOL

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Here's my take on the sets: 42089: It's a nice looking powerboat, a bit on the small side, probably not gonna get it due to it being small 42090: Looks like a mash between a pickup truck and a '69 charger. Not gonna get it due to it being a pullback 42091: Quite ugly, a definite pass 42092: Looks realistic enough, might get it. 42093: A bit hard to tell it's a Corvette, but I'm probably gonna get it anyways 42094: One word: Strange 42095: Ugliest one of the bunch, easy pass 42096 and 42088: don't know what to think because I haven't seen them.
  9. CFOL

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Stunt racer has leaked on Instagram. It looks to be dark azure and has two large, triangular tracks on it. It to me looks very weird, definitely a pass here!
  10. CFOL

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I just saw that the sets are releasing in August in Canada. Why Lego why must you do this to me?
  11. CFOL

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I haven't seen any sets in person, it's infuriating
  12. CFOL

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So what I think about the set is this: I don't care much about the skatepark or the museum. The Electric car looks more like an electric than the one from 2016. The blue car looks like a civilian version of the police car from last year's station. The Tuk Tuk is great, haven't seen one before. The hotel looks interesting, I'll have to wait and see, but the bus is probably the best of the bunch. The crane is okay. Overall, I might get this. I kind of hope that 60199 and 60203 are similar sized sets to connect to this, like a waterfront area with a harbour.
  13. Oh dear god, now I want pictures, even if I know Lego is keeping it to themselves until May or so
  14. CFOL

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I didn't sadly