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    [MOC]MR-7: Marauder

    Obviously the front wheels cannot roll. I suppose it's just made for static display
  2. This is my Flickr gallery with lots of dyed trans-neon green pieces
  3. I'm a big fan of the classic Blacktron II color scheme (back, white, trans neon-green). I have spent sometimes to customize some Starwars Sets (X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, Z-95 Head Hunter, Tie Fighter, Tie Interceptor) with this color scheme. The hardest thing for me is to find the appropriate trans neon-green windscreen for each set. Since Lego does not produce some windscreen in this color (for example Windscreen 7 x 4 x 2 Round with Handle 92279), I need to produce them by myself by painting on trans-clear parts. I have tried many techniques, acrylic/enamel paining with model paint (very easy to find or to obtain the neon-green tint) but it tends to obfuscate the windscreen. The real hard part is to keep the windscreen transparent. I've read on some forum that some folks successfully get the color using permanent marker on trans-clear parts. It does work indeed. I tried a neon yellow Sharpie marker on a sample canopy. The problem is it is very hard to get a regular paint on your part and the color is not that bright. I was thinking then about Highlighter like Stabilo. Their Yellow ink get me almost the right tint but the ink itself is easily removed from the polycarbonate surface of trans Lego pieces. I then need some lacquer/vanish/coat to keep the ink on the pice. I tried acrylic/enamel lacquers again but the ink creates a chemical precipitate as soon as you mix it with the varnish. The only lacquer that can be mixed with Stabilo ink is StarWax Floor Bright Renovator (not sure it's available outside of France though). It's a product to renovate your vinyl floor. The product will create a thin layer of plastic on your floor while drying. This is the perfect fixer for Stabilo Ink. Any ninyl floor bright renovator should work I think. After a successful experiment with some sample, I just order 20 Stabilo Yellow Ink Refill on Amazon ( and then mix them with the renovator. To apply the color, just dying the windscreen inside the solution for a few second, take it out and let it dry. Since the liquid is very fluid and takes 4h to dry, you should be super careful not to let it dripping otherwise you'll end up having a flat surface with ugly dripping effect. Depending on the shape of your windscreen, you should tilt it around while the solution is drying to have a regular application on all the surface. It tooks me 5 mins tilting around before the renovator starts to dry. If you want to accelerate the proces, do it on a sunny and hot day to that it dries quicker I attach some pictures links of the solution and some results. Please notice that the color is not exactly the same as the original trans neon-green but it's very close. For a home-made dying, it's satisfactory. Starwax : Stabilo Ink Refill: Preparation: Solution Jar: Result: A-Wing with trans neon-green Windscreen 7 x 4 x 2 Round with Handle: Preview:
  4. @MReizinho For lego Trans Yellow, I'd try something easier, Vitrail Yellow painting from Pebeo: I have already tried it and it's pretty impressive, very close to Lego color @PepperoniBricks Other highlighter color will surely have similar effect since they share the same Stabilo chemical formula. One detail though, since it's a dying technique, the color is only on the surface. Native lego trans color will always be brighter since the pigment concentration is higher Please also note that in practice, it's not easy to get other Stabilo ink color recharge. From what I've seen on Amazon, Yellow is widely available, Green is available on smaller quantity (3 recharges), Pink is available, Orange is hard to find. I'm pretty sure with Orange, it will make a beautiful trans light orange tint
  5. @av_bossk For an almost full jar of the renovator (see picture), you need 14-16 ink recharges. Do not forget to stir a bit for the ink to mix with the renovator. Also stir before using, the ink tends to fall down at the bottom after a while
  6. doanduyhai

    [QUESTION] Modifying Colors of Pieces

    So for normal lego pieces, you can use any acrylic/enamel paints used by model specialists. It works pretty well For dying transparent pieces, that's another story. After dozen of attempts with different techniques, I have found one that gives quite satisfactory results
  7. doanduyhai

    Anyone dyed a clear piece successfully?

    I have a successful attempt here. It's trans neon-green but you can try with other inks like green, blue, pink, orange... As long as you manage to get the ink refill on Amazon or similar stores
  8. doanduyhai

    Dye Trans-Clear windscreens

    I have successfully achieved some interesting color with dying, look my results here:
  9. So here it is the comparison picture. On the left, the original trans neon-green. On the right, my color We can notice that: original color is brighter and yellow-ish my color is more transparent and greener-ish
  10. Trust me, I've tried many combinations, spent 100€ worth of money into chemical products, in the end, only the floor renovator solution works out - Acetone: never, it will dissolve any lego plastic (ABS or polycarbonate) - White Spirit: OK to clean up glue marks or to remove stickers - Alcohol F: Ofbuscate and make trans pieces cloudy By the way, I did not mention it because it seems obvious but the above technique works for other Stabilo inks: Green, Pink, Blue, Orange I'll post some samples of those color once I get my hand on those colors
  11. I did not try yet with ultraviolet light to test the glowing effect but it will strongly depends on the chemical composition of Stabilo Ink