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  1. Szymon Pobiega

    Torsen Differential

    I tried a couple of ideas posted here but they tended to break under significant load. I decided to try a slightly different approach in which there is no bulky rotating parts. One output of the diffs is sent to the wheels while the other is sent to the opposite diff via a pair of worm gears similar to the ones that are located in the rotating part of the "normal" torsen diff. As in the regular torsen, the right hand outputs of the diffs rotate with the speed that is difference between drive shaft speed and half axle speed. As a result, it allows smooth turns but locks the wheels together when one of them loses traction. As you can see in the picture, the forces that act on the worm gear part as quite large (the structure that holds the worm gears in place bent) so I need to make it stronger for real usage. I'll probably also replace the fragile 8-tooth gears with 24s (for the worm gears) and 16s. The fact that the structure does not have to rotate allows me to built is as robust as I want/need. Because the whole thing is too bulky to fit in a classic live axle design I plan to built a model of Mowag Duro which uses DeDion type suspension in which the differential is bolted to the chassis. Real Duros have also a torsen center diff. Handling the torque there would be quite a challenge. Wish me luck!
  2. This is probably half MOD half MOC now... A conversion of the 6x6 tow track inspired by a Russion experimental truck NAMI-0127 The truck is not finished yet. I need to add rear wheel fender flares and change the side panels of the cargo area to be openable. The roof of the Xerion will be an ideal cargo area floor. There is a single XL motor under the bonnet coupled with @Sariel's heavy duty two speed gearbox. A servo engine behind the cab disguised as fuel tank) is used for changing gears. Steering is done via a pair of small actuators driven by M motor. Another M motor is mounted in the rear part and drives all four crane functions. The suspension is identical to the rear suspension on my Tow Truck MOD: a load-sharing bogie stabilized by springs. With a single XL engine the truck is a big underpowered. I wish I used twin XLs...
  3. Finally I've finished my mod. All the towing functions (crane) work exactly the same as in the original model. The mod is one stud longer than the original. The extra stud was necessary to implement the new rear suspension. Here's the list of modifications: Sprung load-sharing rear suspension. The entire assembly pivots in the transverse axis and each individual axle pivots in the longitudinal axis. There are two stabilizer bars which are attached to shocks to keep the truck leveled. Sprung live axle front suspension using large shocks Shortened chassis to provide more space for the rear axles Modified steering mechanism HOG steering using @efferman's design Manual lock for the center diff underneath the chassis No piston engine (XL engine occupies the space under the bonnet) Pics available here. Generally I am happy with the mod. The steering could have been a bit better and the drivetrain is not ideal. It would have been better is the engine(s) (probably twin XL) were mounted between the front and rear axles. But this would require rebuilding of the whole gearbox which I didn't want to do. Here are some pics of the key parts: Shortened chassis to make some space for the gears and the suspension Front suspension Rear suspension
  4. I started my modding adventure using @efferman 's design but decided to change the rear suspension to better cope with obstacles. Eventually I went with load sharing tandem axle in the rear and spring-loaded solid front axle. The steering was redesigned to account for the front axle movement. Last but not least, I've added center diff lock (manual). I stands out three studs below the chassis but I think it is worth it as allows me to travel through obstacles which cause one of the front wheels to leave the ground. Here are some preliminary photos. Better pics + dll will come when I finish the whole model.
  5. Although I like how this set looks I have mixed feelings in terms of how original it is. This is a 6x6 Road Mauler Matchbox all terrain truck. If you add a crane and paint it dark azure you would pretty much get 42070. And BTW the Matchbox version has a better suspension.