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  1. 42070 is an ok set, but its not complete, it has no suspension which I was surprised as the unimog did what 42070 needed very well indeed, and the back flatbed was totally missing It was well engineered in some places and not quite so in others. I got the set for £119 ?? Certainly wasn't £219 it was released at. I think the unimog, Acros Mercedes Benz and the Volvo frontloader are still some of the better price per part sets to be released in the last 8 years. The bucket wheel was also very good for the number of parts, I've used a spare 42055 for many projects as the part count was excellent.
  2. I said this, this years sets are way better then last years offerings if I'm honest - but still. This year is offering some great new sets and a some new parts from the looks. Can't wait to get my hands on some of the new sets this year. The mack truck is still out of stock where I am. : - (
  3. OMG the new sets this year from Lego Technic range are getting me very excited The Bugatti Rims look stunning, and the flagship set this year looks incredible. Why in earth was this line up not done for the 40th Anniversary? I'm getting very impressed by this years H1 - H2 and ultimate set line up.
  4. Well I am very excited for the 3600 piece Bugatti Chiron Its going to be the most expensive Technic set yet - but its got a huge number of components comparable to most flagship sets. BWE still being the most ? Just under 4000 parts. Feeling excited thats for sure.
  5. I'd go buy the H1 sets from Lego usually but I've got gift cards to use up, so no point buying from lego direct when I can save money at toys r us, I just can't wait to get these sets, as they look really good, so I'm eager : - )
  6. Wish UK toys r us would get their stock in, still got gift cards to spend, sadly no H1 techinc sets in stock at all I enquired at my local store, twice now, both times the staff have pretty much blanked me. Spend my gift cards and won't be using toys r us unless they are super cheap comparable to anywhere else.
  7. Love the work you've done on this. I just need to find a set for sale in the UK and then get to work on making mine look as good as what you did with yours.
  8. I asked at my Local Toys r Us - they don't even have the ones that are listed at Lego .com and the guy I spoke with said he isn't allowed in the warehouse to check what they have?? I just thought, wow, no wonder you are losing sales. Only reason I went to toys r us is because I have gift cards to use up.
  9. Looks fantastic - just needs a third wheel axel on the trailer to make it look just like a real European container trailer. I think the container box made longer looks much, much better IMO
  10. Arocs is really getting short in supply for UK buyers, most of the top stores are running low, so if he is to buy any - he should get this one now. Then Claas - then extreme adventure and yes +1 to Extreme Adventure, I was very surprised by how interesting a build it actually was. And some very clever engineering.
  11. If that is £ - I too got mine for £149 - which IMO made the model the price it should have been. Back on topic, I used set 42070 to highlight the prices on that site are overpriced even comparable to MSRP : - )
  12. Are you 100% sure the red clutches were not mis-aligned when you built the model? When you fit the switches to either side with the white component the red clutches all need to be center with the switches set to the middle - technically everything is dis-engaged. Allowing the model to be free roamed by pushing it, once you engage the clutches, the power functions take over and then you can control. Set 42070 is actually a really complex build, for its harsh reviews its got some clever - but also confusing engineering. Oh and yes test the motors, to ensure they all work.
  13. Agree Back to your mod, so how does the cab get its power? I couldn't see where the battery box sits? Take it not possible to build the cab and then add the motors after?
  14. I mean just check out their price even after discount for set 42070 - 247, 92 € That is £220 UK - that is £1 more then Lego Official MRSP.
  15. Those prices do not seem realistic to me at all, as mention, site seem to be overpriced in general. 357,79 € is grossly way more then even the most expensive flagship Technic models ever released. I cannot from what I've seen so far, and granted its only pics, but from what i've seen of set 42082 I cannot see how it can command that type of money. I'll wait and see