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  1. sorry no, I mean I had to add them in, like so - And I had to make a cover for the battery box etc.. Not the best pic, as that is an in progress pic, but I made it all work in the end.
  2. I took the plunge and got the kit when £149. Its enjoyable to build, but I've had to build a flatbed for the rear as it was all missing, and i also made a battery cover which can be lifted off, I also added a few bits here and there such as a better exhaust - made it longer and a few body details to smarten it all up. End result is a set my daughter loves to play with, and I got to enjoy the build and the challenges to add the missing bits TLG didn't add, £149 is about what the set should maybe have launched at, price wise.
  3. I'm actually building set 42070 - got the set at a much reduced price, and underneath when you start to build the set, you can see some real genius and the Technic aspects of the set are greater then it looks on the box, in fact it has some really good gearing and building techniques - the set came under heavy flak, even from myself, but like so many Lego Technic sets it not until you build the set you start to see the passion gone into creating a model for mass market, and I think the Lego Technic Designers do a great job on pretty much all the sets they work on considering budgets, parts, time, deadlines and having to mass market and make it appeal to young and old Technic builders. Set 42070 isn't anywhere near as bad I was a reading, and despite the high entry price, at its current sale price is worth picking up, it can't be easy for these designers to mix both function and price together. There is a MOC Aston Vantage GT3 on rebrickable, and its approx £500 to build, but it has just about every function we wish for in our Technic models, and its a super car, but £500? Ok that is bricklink prices and it also needs an sbrick or buwizz - but most off the shelf sets cost average £100 - £140? For the bigger sets that is.
  4. We can only hope for more farm machinery to go with the CLAAS tractor and Combine Harvester. I find some of the Lego Tractors to be come of the most engaging builds, heck I just like Lego Technic period but the 2016 CLAAS tractor was in a class of its own , I've never built a Technic model quite like it since in terms of just making me go wow - it was such a sturdy and well designed Technic model. I'd have to say the Extreme Adventure in 2017 came close, as that had some really interesting build techniques - the Bucket wheel in 2016 was brilliant, but the CLAAS tractor was brilliant and also solid and fun to take pictures with and play with - even at my age. The first half 2018 Technic sets are looking promising.
  5. I like it. I'll be picking one of these up, at £24.99 UK price its a good price Technic set with some interesting features. The pulley system is nice, and it has some nice parts in it.
  6. Yes that is also a great deal for a set with PF - ooh now I need to make my mind up.
  7. Can get 42070 for £149 Toys R Us - I am really considering the set now at that price, even if for the motors, IR and all the parts.. has to be worth it now.? UK toys r us - 42070 £149 + a £20 free lego gift card, £14.99 worth of free minfigs and a small free mini fig xmas tree. Thats once heck of a deal and I'm grabbing that - keep me going until the mack truck turns up, even if I build it then dismantle for the parts.
  8. They have an all. Toys r us £149 for 42070 - I'm still on the fence with that model - not sure if its even a good set to get for just parting out. Extreme Adventure at £99 is a steal.
  9. So the racing yacht will be in stores this year? Early Christmas gift to myself then. : - )
  10. Wow I'm impressed with the Rally car B model. I might have to get two mack trucks and two rally cars - as they both have really impressive B models.
  11. I think the Mack Truck , in fact most of the H1 Technic sets really should have been part of the 40th Anniversary line up. The Mack truck does seem to have a lot of system bricks /panels which hides a lot of the beams etc, so purists might not like them as much, but to me its a perfect combination of creator and Technic. I can't wait to just get my hands on the Hovercraft, Yacht, Mack Truck and I maybe even buy the Rally Car, the other sets not too fussed myself, but excellent sets for the younger pocket money Technic builder.
  12. Agree, and I also think the Mack truck looks very good when up against the real truck. Its most certainly good enough for a Lego model.
  13. I love the Mack Truck, and I'm buying two of those to make the A and B models, the Rally Car has a lot of stickers, and that does always worry me as Stickers over long periods of time just end up showing massive wear and look worn. The HoverCraft and Racing Yacht - another two I will buy, overall I think these sets are looking really good, and its looking good for Technic Builders H1 2018.
  14. I love the Mack anthem truck. Both the A and B model are excellent. So that's two sets I'll need. Can't wait to get those.
  15. [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    ooh I message the creator to buy this awesome MOC and I under estimated how much it would be to buy the instructions let alone the bricks. Its an amazing model, I think one of the best MOC's of a very uncommon Lego model ever made. The attention to detail is amazing. I get paid in 10 days, I might just treat myself to the book, and get the bricks over time like I do when I tend to brick link models. It took me a good few months to collect the bricks for a Death Star II .. So anything is possible. But kudos to the designer. Amazing MOC.