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  1. lol I did just correct that spelling mistake. lol But they looked really nice under the arches on the extreme adventure, so I'm sure a Mack truck could make good use of parts like that.
  2. Ah thats right they weren't full chrome, but they looked nice. I am sure a Mack truck could make use of parts that colour.
  3. sure mine did, under the wheel arches were the suspension sits.
  4. Wonder if the Mack set will have any chrome parts? I like the Chromed parts in the extreme adventure.
  5. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    The 2017 UCS snowspeeder, really excellent detailed model, but wow its hard to hold it whilst building, the wings are amazing but really hard to attach - as the under carriage is hard to hold whilst adding more parts. I had to rebuild the front a few times as I got my hands in the wrong place and broke bits off. But overall excellent model. Next UCS is the BB8 I think - it looks a decent set and the only decent set from the next wave of lego star wars products. Sadly.
  6. Happy 40th Technic !

    It did yes , the hoses then went into a round element with a 3 axle I think, I do remember that.
  7. That is a new twist lol
  8. To me , 2007 - 2016 have been amazing years for Lego. The Star Wars Buildable figures to me have been amazing, and I've collected a vast number of them, Lego Technic has just seen some amazing models produced, and some amazing tractors, cranes, trucks and excavators. Pirates of the Caribbean line have seen amazing ships with fantastic playable value, the architecture line and the module creator and export creator lines. Amazing years for Lego if you ask me, and we've seen some great own creations using bricks from these very sets. Some even made into official Lego idea. The Saturn V and old fishing house, wall- e. I have been happy to be a part of the expensive but fun hobby for 10 years. I haven't felt its been dark at all. Lets see what the next 10 years bring. Maybe I'm just easily pleased.
  9. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    Have to agree with the prices of the newer Star Wars sets. The BB 8 is crazy priced, even the new star destroyer at UK £139 is a tad overpriced and I don't think it looks very good scale wise with mini figures. Have to remember, TLG have had major set backs before, lets hope this is just a small blip.
  10. No the Claas and Extreme Adventure are not to scale, the Claas is too small comparable to the Extreme Adventure, I have both in my display cabinet - but they both look impressive. The fact you can use the Claas wheels on the Extreme Adventure tells you much about the scale of the two models.
  11. Happy 40th Technic !

    8860 deserves a re-issue but I suspect they have lost the moulds - although is there anything in that model that isn't part of system in today's Lego sets? Maybe the wheels? I don't recall 8860 having anything specialised looking at Lego system now. Back then it was, the linkage joints and pistons were extremely new, I remember the gearbox having a fault when I first built it where in 2nd I think it would snap a linkage , but 1st and 3rd worked just fine, memory is fuzzy. It was back in Christmas 1983 when i finally got my set. It had been out for 3 years but I was 7 when first released, I was 10 when I get mine. What a Christmas gift that was..
  12. Happy 40th Technic !

    To think I was only 3 years old when the first set was released and it would only be 5 years before I got my first beloved Technic set. The at the time ultra cool 8860 car chassis. I kept all my childhood kits in a storage box in my parents attic, but they then split and I had no where to store them due to circumstances, so my bother took them, sold them all and I was bitterly upset - my childhood Technic sets sold, I have not had the funds to replace them all. But, anyhow, happy 40th Lego Technic. You have provided me years of enjoyment, even when I was unable to collect and build from 2001 - 2010 due to work and family, I have enjoyed what I have managed to buy. Hope the other 40 years are just as good.
  13. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    It is sad to hear 1400 will be losing their jobs. I hope all those facing redundancy find suitable work quickly . Good to read the Lego classics are still selling well, its my fear that one day Lego will axe the Technic line, and I'll be extremely upset if that should ever happen. I buy pretty much all he Technic sets I can afford each year, even the ones that I'm not a massive fan sometimes. Like a few of this years 40th anniversary sets. As for bootlegs (Knock offs) quite a few I know that are avid collectors of Lego have used the like of Chinese KO to grab kits long out of production such as Star Wars UCS sets - as lets face it, The money charged on ebay for these kits will never see its way back to TLG. The TLG long sold the kit to the speculator. So a bootleg copy of a set you missed out on does at times fill the gaps. So its not all down to cheap copies - but I suspect its not helped. Whatever the reasons for the decline in our beloved Lego, I hope they find a way to re-invent and continue to offer amazing products for both kids and AFOL alike.
  14. I was told the stores in the UK will have display models, but cannot be purchased on the day. Gutted, as I've just sold some more stuff about an hour ago, so might make release day. Never know lol
  15. I just spoke to Lego, they won't have them in UK stores release date anyhow - not sure about anywhere else. For now, online only then hopefully they will be in stores , might give me time to save up, as like you I don't have the funds for VIP day.