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  1. MOC Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR in Lego Technic Dear friends of the LEGO Technic theme world, in this post I present you my latest MOC of the VW Golf GTI TCR. The model has an elaborate front axle for the front-wheel drive, a 4-speed DSG transmission, steering, brake and a pneumatic lifting system. I used two SBricks for control. My version is built with 3d printed wheels, but lego wheels fit, too. Drive: 2 XL motors Steering: 1 servo motor Gearbox: 2 servo motors Brake: 1 M motor Control: 2 SBricks Light: 3 pairs of LEDs First, I'll show you a picture and the YouTube Video In the following I would like to introduce you to the individual functions and the history of the project. Preparations: In 2017 I saw a photo of the prototype for the first time and as a VW fan I knew directly that this would be my next project. Because there were no blueprints from this vehicle, I took the blueprints of the basic model, VW Golf 7, and overlaid it with appropriate pictures of the vehicle. The scale was set with the choice of tires (Wheel 56mm D. x 34mm, Tire 68.8 x 36 ZR (15038 / 44771)), to 1: 9. After that I converted all dimensions into studs. Construction of the front axle: Now it was time to get the bricks out of the boxes. First, I built the front axle. The model has a front-wheel drive with Ackermann geometry, caster, stabilizer, suspension and brake. The drive axle for the fake engine runs in the lower part of the axle to couple directly to the XL motors in the back. Without consideration of the Ackermann geometry, I have created a YouTube video for the front axle. For the construction manual I am not sure if I should install the Ackermann geometry there. Some used parts are very rare and expensive. In the video you can also see how the brake works. By rotation, two rubber bricks are pressed against the differential. With the SBrick control, I have created a sequence that first lets the M motor press against the differential and releasing it again. Due to the scale a disc brake was not possible in the wheel. The suspension was massively strengthened in the course of the project, so that the vehicle weight is held up. Unfortunately, the stabilizer (red) has no longer a technical function. YouTube - Front axle Construction of the rear axle: For the rear axle, I initially had the idea that the wheels should have a slight camber. I have implemented this as followed. Maybe someone else can use this. However, this was implemented later due to the vehicle weight and the desire that a multi-link axle by VW is represented. Construction of the 4-speed DSG transmission: The construction of the transmission took the most time. I wanted a transmission that could be controlled blind with the smartphone. It should work reliable and without constant monitoring of the moving parts. In addition, it had to be so small that it fits "between" the front seats (The model has like the original only a driver's seat.) and under the seat, but in front of the drive module. Overall, it was very limited. Here is a photo of the final version, which is very trivial operated with two servos. One servo controls the 1st and 3rd gear, and the other servo controls the gears 2 and 4. This allows quick and smooth switching. An extra video is also available. YouTube - Gearbox Construction of the pneumatic lifting system: At that moment I was done with the chassis. However, the pneumatic lifting system fascinated me and in other MOCs something like that was already realized. Since there was still room for the necessary works, I developed and installed three modules with cylinders. Here's an example of how I built the front left cylinder. In general: I built and organized the entire model in modules. The chassis is subdivided into the following submodels: front axle, transmission module, drive module and rear axle. The rear lifting cylinder is integrated in the drive module. The front lift cylinders connect to the transmission module. Then all modules can be assembled to the entire chassis and fastened with a few connectors. Other modules are the fake engine and the dashboard with steering gear for the moving steering wheel. The conclusion has formed the body. Again, I worked with many submodels, so you could always work on small to medium sized submodels. This has especially facilitated my work in the program. The entire model is already built in BrickLink’s with all building steps. I am still considering whether I should offer the construction manual for sale or keeping it unique. Too many companies are copying MOCs and do not refer to the artists. You can find more pictures on BrickSafe or my Social Media channels on Facebook and Instagram. Give me a feedback and ask your questions here in the thread. I like to explain the things even further in detail. I love the render function in :-)
  2. Hi @T Lego, thank you very much! 1. Yes, I have considered making the gearbox sequential with a stepper mechanism. I had some version on the table, but I wasn't happy with the strengthen of them. So, I fear the gearbox could not handle the weight of 2,5 kg. This is actual the reason why it can not drive. I hoped the servos were able to hold the gears. The clutch rings jump when it drive. But I want to build a second playable and lighter version. 2. Check out my bricksafe in the next hours. I will upload some more pictures. 3. Yeah, the fenders! I am also not a fan of this building technique, but I found no better way and they really look like the original. I didn't bring the flex axles all the way down to the skirts, because this wasn't neccessary to get the right look. The original car has open fenders, too. See here: Video The secound reason was, that I had less space to fix the bodywork. You can see the tension under the rear side doors where the rear fenders starts. Some more impressions:
  3. I really like this MOC. Your version of the Tesla car is better than the original IMO. It has more strong and sharp edges. Also the axles are great realized.
  4. @Charbel That looks great! Which Software do you use? It looks so clean and beautiful.
  5. Hi community, after reading a lot of posts in this forum i want to present to you my finished MOC of a Volkswagen Polo R WRC. I spent some month of building time to create my first own creation. Technical features are reduced to a minimum to get a first easy success. The model is nearly in scale 1:10 and full remote controlled by one SBrick. But let us start with the framework: The car has all-wheel drive with front, middle and rear differentials. For driving two L-motors are placed in the back. In my final version I have placed the battery box between the L-motors. The servo-motor is for steering, is located between the race seats and powers also the steering wheel. I had a lot of space difficulties with the fake motor and the front bumper. Here is a WIP picture: And now here are some pictures of the final version with decals: Front: Back: Some interior: For Power-On you have to push the reserve tire, which covers the battery box and you can not see the power functions. And finally the video: I hope you like it! Give me some feedback! More pictures you find on In future I want to build more complex cars, but therefore I have to build bigger. :-) So, now I am searching for remote controlled gearboxes. Best regards Nura
  6. @TechnicRCRacer If your Lego Store has a Fan Model box, you can write the team an e-mail with some information about your model. Mostly there are several models. Every three month the staff will vote which model shall be presented next. But i do not know if this is practised in every store. I heart from this after bringing the model.
  7. @Thorsten50 Thanks a lot! I contact you when lxf file is done. Until october the model stands at the Lego Store Berlin ... without stickers. ?
  8. Maybe you have recognized my questions to your software solutions. ? Last days I tried MLCad and LDD. SR3D would be an option too. I will create an lxf file of this model and would like to have instructions.
  9. @Thorsten50 Thank you! I will install the latest version and try my very best.
  10. I wonder if SR3 Builder will work on my computer. Actually I am trying to build something with MLCad but this is horrible! LDD will work much better. Do you think SR3 Builder will work for the future? The results look perfect. I have seen the instructions for the Aston Martin.
  11. Are these programms for creating the 3D model or also for instructions? I think LDD wouldn't be the perfect solution. I habe read of a bluerendering tool.
  12. I know how difficult it is to build small and efficient. A lot try and error, but you find some first simple solution. I can't wait to see the next.
  13. I like the way you combined technic elements and classic bricks, which make a perfect shape.
  14. Nice solution! You need a closer look to see some of the power functions. I will do the same to for winter. Probably you don't need every function. For a great playability i would prefer drive + sterring and control the winch.
  15. That is right. I planed an all-wheel drive without thinking that the real one has no central diff. But it can be locked! I am excited to see your results!
  16. I also like MOCs without decals more. For example you could build the prototype just in white. But therefore you need another solution for the hood. You are right! I just bought the ocean explorer for it.
  17. Thanks to all! :-) Yeah, the color mixed sides were difficult. I tried to get the original color scheme without using decals. Here is a picture of the original: For my next project I will concentrate on one color. ;-) Most MOC's look better with a simple color scheme.
  18. Nura

    Hello, I am Nura

    Hello community, here i am! My real name is Stephan, but online i prefer the nickname Nura. I am 27 years old and live in Berlin, Germany. My dark ages ended with the lego technic set 8258 during my studies. This was 7 years ago. A lot of lego technic sets and fun building later I started my first own creation. Listening to Sariel I choosed a small and easy project without complex mechanism to get the first success. So I got my version of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC, you see below. I will make a discription later. My plan for the future is too build some more cars and maybe construction machines. I joined this community to find more AFOLs and to get a lot of building skills. Ah, bricksafe is working. :-) Stay creative!