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  1. Lego Modulex

    We are still trying to sort through it. We would love it to have a good home. How do we go about this?
  2. Lego Modulex

    I've found loads of bricks I can't find online and don't know how to identify them or code them. Is there an original parts catalogue online I can refer to? Thanks all.
  3. Lego Modulex

    Thanks for the info. My wife was given about 6/7Kg of the stuff about 20 years ago, by an architect. No minifigs or baseplates though. Is there much demand for it? Or is it give it to a charity shop. There cant be that much of it around if it was only made for a couple of years with the lego on. I called lego customer services and the lady I spoke to had never heard of it. Would love to know if there is any genuine interest in it or just a white elephant.
  4. Lego Modulex

    Hi Modulex Guy what can you tell me about this stuff? It doesn't seem to be on eBay. I can't find anything about it.
  5. Lego Modulex

    Thank you for JopieK. I will check out Bricklink. The lego we have is all pre modulex and branded with the lego logo.
  6. Lego Modulex

    My wife was given some time ago half a bin bag of what I understand is Lego Scale Model. The bricks have the Lego logo on every stud and pat pend on the underside. We know very little about it and no idea if there is any interest in it. I can find very little info on the internet. Would be very grateful for any insight. I have found that this line was discontinued in 1965.