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  1. So I decided in the end to build the one I posted above (La Grenouille) as it's very realistic and has proper plans. i have all the bits ordered from Bricklink and on their way but the only issue that remains is what string to use to do the rigging - would the Lego medium or thick string be ok? Or should I just use some sort of hobby string? If so, does anyone have any suggestions of a brand or type etc?
  2. Thanks for that chofus - will have a closer look at the whole thread over my Xmas break and see if I think its worth a go. I'm guessing some of the older pieces in brown are going to be expensive so maybe I will buy the 10210 and then build it up using ideas from that (and other) builds.
  3. That is a lovely build - just what I'm looking for I think. I can't find the tutorial though - I searched for "index pirates" and there were 1600+ results - any chance you could dig up the URL for me if you still have it? Or else give me some more exact keywords I could use (like the ship name maybe?). Thanks :-)
  4. Thanks, but I want something I can build - I.e a MOC with instructions and a parts list which I don't think that has. I'd be in my grave by the time I worked out how to build that or saved enough money to buy the three million pieces it clearly needs! I do appreciate the suggestion though - and it is an absolutely magnificent creation, just a bit more than I'm looking for I think. :-)
  5. Historically and technically realistic - I don't care if it floats or not, it will just be on display once I build it :-)
  6. Yes, good point there - that set will give me alot of stuff I need like the hull, rigging and sails. I did end up finding masses of great looking sailing ships on Pinterest but most of them are private builds so no plans are available.... guess that means I'm going to have some proper research and plenty of experimental building :-)
  7. Thanks for the suggestions - the Constellation looks ok but TBH it is looking pretty dated and blocky so might pass on that one. I checked out the link to sets tagged galleon but the only thing I saw I liked was 10210 again. Although I must admit I do like Destiny's Bounty as well, its certianly original and looks like a fun build so will also look into prices of that. I think as a long term project I will likely build La Grenouille anyway, it's really the only one that really looks like a real sailing ship to me. But short term, to satisfy my need to build a sailing ship, I guess I will start with one of the other two.
  8. I would like to build a sailing ship, whether it be a Lego set or MOC so, as the title suggests, what is the *most realistic* sailing ship out there? I find most of the themed ships just seem like toys to me (yeah, yeah, I know - that's exactly what they're meant to be) - but what I want to do is just build a really nice sailing ship.that isn't full of minifigs, pirates, ripped sails or any other gimmicky stuff.... just after something that looks historically realistic. Having said the above, at a pinch, I could probably build the 10210 Imperial flagship if I can get the parts - obviously there are not going to be any still being sold (except for those evil Chinese ripoff kits) The best I've found so far is this magnificent MOC and might be the one I build - if I can find all the parts at Bricklink (and afford them too!) . Googling for "Lego sailing ship" doesn't show me too much else that look reailstic but I'm interested to hear from anyone else that may have built something like this or know of some nice MOCs or ships I could consider. Cheers, Mike
  9. This looks like a good candidate foe me to build with the 2 SBricks I am about to order - but how do you change the gears? Do you have to stop the buggy and select them manually or is it automatically done via SBrick?
  10. Hey Lasse, thanks for these free plans for starter GBCs - I have built this one and it works really well. The only problem for that is that it's way too fast so I will have to try it with the largest grey cog (56 tooth?) to see if I can slow it down a bit. Next I want to build your stepper and pump modules and some funky return ramps (like I saw on one of your videos where you have 10 of the conveyor modules together and you can lift part of the ramp to empty the balls) - but first need to buy hundreds of normal bricks as I mostly have Technic pieces which are not great for things like collector boxes. Anyway, thanks again - I've been looking for some free GBC modules just to get me started and to give me some ideas for my own ones and your ones fit the bill perfectly :-)
  11. @Venefic - thanks for that. I'm actually basing it loosely on the Technic Arctic Truck (42038 B model) as I think the chassis, steering and suspension will be very similar. Plus I get lots of good orange bits to start off with! @deraven, Thanks for the pointer to the Model Team / Scale Modeling forum - I'll check that out and possibly post there too. I have already completely and (hopefully) accurately scaled it at 1/15 using Technic "stud" sizes and as a result it will be about 51 studs long, 23 high and 19 wide (the tracks are much wider than the body as the tracks need to be to rotate up and down as well as steer left and right as you can see from the image below). Each track will be 22 long as I am going to use two of these 11 long panels joined together as the front piece - so the scale of the model means I'll be using the large tread size at - possibly even doubled up to get the width of the tracks in scale. Although it would probably be easier to do a Technic body I think I will try to do it in studful pieces to get a more realistic finish - plus I'm guessing it'll be easier to try and replicate that sloping rear panel and door. I have Sariel's brilliant Technic Builders Guide book which shows some really cool ways to join a studful body to a studless chassis so at present that's probably the plan. So the rear will probably use sloped tiles of some sort though how I'll hold it all together and get a door in it will be a real head-scratcher I think!
  12. Hi all, pretty recent (in the last year) return to Lego, this time as an AFOL and have read lots of posts and stuff here but not posted myself until now. I mostly build Technic sets and MOCs and am currently thinking about the design of a new MOC - a Tucker SnoCat 743 as used in the 1957-58 Transantarctic Expedition. (I'm fascinated with any sort of Arctic or Antarctic exploration and have read and studied a lot of the history.) So, as per the title, what at is the best board on this site to post in to get advice or opinions on how I might go about a particularly tricky part of the design? I am after some expert opinions and ideas on how I might go about designing the curved rear of the body of the Tucker SnoCat 743 as seen here: (see the last two photos for a good view of the rear of the body). I'm pretty sure I'll build the chassis, tracks and suspension (etc) with Technic but am still trying to decide whether to build the body using all Technic or with a studful body so as i said, just after some ideas on how to do that curved rear of the body. Thanks, Mike