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    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    the function of door open is amazing!! wow!! WOW!! I'm speechless
  2. @nerdsforprez thanks for your kind words, so I upload some render pictures thought it still need some tweaked the boom total max length could reach around 150~155cm Work in progress.... need a lot of works For your reference thanks and best regards
  3. I used nylon line (ex: fish line, a normal 0.5mm fish line can against 15kg weight), and it raises and lowers by gravity You can see the inside mechanics´╗┐ picture from brichshelf if you're interested
  4. there are four motor in the superstructure, both side had a M motor and a L motor the actuator and the boom both are powered by L motors (use a lot gears to increase torgue) there is no gear in the boom so that it could reach the max length around 150~155 CM as possible. unfortunately the crane was KIA by my little 3 yrs Godzilla. I have to repair and rebuild the moc. maybe I will share some pictures when it done.
  5. Thanks, crane is my favorite technic series The moc test and fail over ten times It's very challenging and fun
  6. I had the same idea, so I built my crane in 2019 base on Grove 5250L the boom I use 3->5->7 and I was happy with the result
  7. mitx2529

    [WIP] Telescoping boom excavator

    WOW. Tthis moc is awesome, two motors withe many function!!
  8. mitx2529

    stringless three-section boom

    I though nylon wire (fish line) work stably, 0.5 mm fish line can offer 16 kg i built my crane with fish line and it works well
  9. amazing!! I like the truck with tipper great work!!
  10. I lobe them!! very creative to play!! you let me want to buy the two sets and modify them
  11. Thansk for share, i will try to modify my crane.
  12. I like the boom , it's beautiful and funtional , can it retracted when it nearly horizontal
  13. mitx2529

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    i saw 1:8 911 RSR on moc-page i though it was much better than 42096
  14. mitx2529

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    it seems have no suspensions or steering only one function : six-cylinder boxer engine and beautiful apperance
  15. nice try!! it seems like 4 section booms have many problems to solve. l also love the 4 section booms, especially extend with string. How does it work? does it shrink when it nearly horizontal ?
  16. Hi all I have upgrade my 42009 to the ideal of lego the crane as what I want The appearance reference is base on Grove GMK 5250L Chassis is base on u42009 Superstructure is rebuilt by myself Boom is reference efferman design from this post. Thanks the internet, there are many great designer share their porject and ideas video will be upload after few days
  17. mitx2529

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    the explain seems like reasonable, so we will see a technic & systems mixed plus a lot of stickers as 2019 new technic sets
  18. mitx2529

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion i found some detail on the internet maybe it's a rumor
  19. mitx2529


    WOW!! Just WOW!! does the boom extend and lift?? really impressive,beautiful crane