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  1. Hi everyone! Another Moc, another modular building. This time, I built an Italian Restaurant. On the ground floor we have a pizzeria, with take away, fulfilled by 3 scooters. On the first floor there is bar, where customers can relax and enjoy a drink, while they wait for a table in the restaurant. And it is too warm, then can enjoy the balcony view. Above in the second floor we have the restaurant. One of its regular customers is the Godfather. We can see him along with his mistr… I mean… his niece. Yes, his niece. In the same table there are two other mafia leaders, protected by two bodyguards. On the opposite table, two mafia gunman, from a rival family, are plotting something… The big painting in the room is covering a small hideout that the mafia uses to hide guns and money. On the same floor there is a pantry storage and a kitchen, that has access to the roof. Those are removable stairs if this building is side by side with a larger one. But if it follows the CC standard, they will fit perfectly as shown in pictures. In the roof there is the owner’s bedroom, with a small greenhouse where he can grow some of the vegetables to use in the restaurant. And since it is an Italian one… we had to have a “Lady and the Tramp” spaghetti scene. I hope you Like it ;) You can see more photos here:
  2. Alex

    MOC: The Sideways Building

    Really nice, congratulations
  3. Hi everyone!I just wanted to show you my latest work. It's a LEGO Modular building, a Zara Clothes shop with three floors and a working elevator. It is divided in three floors/departments:-Accessories / shoes on the first floor -Woman’s Department on the second floor (a little bit more crowded than the rest ) -Men’s Department on the third floor. You can access the three floors through the working elevator with sliding doors. Second and third floors have fitting rooms and all floors have lots of accessories and clothes to dress up your minifigs in a fashion way. You can see more photos here. I hope you like it and feel free to comment and give ideas to improve it
  4. Thank you all for your nice comments
  5. Alex

    [MOC] LEGO Room Studio StopMotion

    Awesome!! I don't know what I love the most, if the MOC or the way you showed it to us. Great job :D
  6. Alex

    MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    Do you want me to write your answer on brickset? I think it is important to share your thoughts
  7. Alex

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi guys, these are all MOCs, and I'm sure that at some point they were all CUUSOO/IDEAS projects. Check them here: I was writing this on another topic.
  8. Alex

    MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    And I just found out the other 3 models on the box: I am not sure but I think they are/were on CUUSOO/IDEAS projects page?
  9. Alex

    MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    These images have just appeared online. And it seems that there are more MOCs being copied
  10. Alex

    MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if you have seen it, but this MOC has just been copied by Lepin
  11. Alex

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Really nice! I had plans to build a zoo for so so long, now you just made me jealous I just love the way you wrote "zoo"! Well done, great job
  12. Alex

    MOC: LEGO Modular Building - LEGO Brand Store (WIP)

    Great job! You have some fantastic micro models. Looking forward to see the final result
  13. Hi everyone! I've been a registered member at Eurobricks for quite some time, but this will be my first topic I think (Yes, you can call me lazy) This is my latest moc, a modular building with a Book Shop and a snack bar on the second floor. It was first displayed in the Paredes De Coura Fan Weekend, in June, but I only had the time to take "decent" photos now. It is divided in 4 parts: In the ground floor we have a book shop, with several bookcases and a cash register. On the first floor we have a study room, with more bookcases and other elements to help you study, like the globe or tables where you can use your laptop to access to important contents. On the second floor we have a snack bar where the clients can enjoy a coffee or a ham and cheese toast while reading the local newspapers. There's plenty of food and drinks to choose from. There's a drawer below the counter to put the fresh drinks Finally, there's an old attic needing some urgent repairs. It keeps some old or no longer used furniture..and some creepy residents. You can see more photos here : I hope you like it and feel free to comment and give ideas to improve it
  14. Alex

    [MOC] Modular Building : Book Shop

    Thank you all!
  15. Alex

    [MOC] Modular Building : Book Shop

    Thank you Well, regarding 1) , I wanted to keep up with the modular building standards. It's also a good "challenge" to try to fit so many things and details inside As for 2), there's a trap door in the attic, similar to the one I used in another modular i made. It's something like this: I did not include the stairs this time and I used a 30041 + 30042 (Modified plate 6 x 8 Trap Door fram Horizontal + Modified plate 4 x 5 with trap door hinge)
  16. Alex

    [MOC] Modular Train Station with Warehouse

    Fantastic creation, great work. Love the details in the interiors and the lights give an aditional "glow" to the moc. Using 48x instead of 32x was a great day Congratulations
  17. Alex

    [MOC] Ready, Set, Go-Karts

    It looks amazing It's a great idea with the Snot mudguard. It has my support as well!
  18. Alex

    [MOC] Modular Building : Book Shop

    Thank you all for your nice comments Actually I did not include a cat on this one...mostly because I almost have no space left But I have included so many cats in another modular that I've made...this one : Olímpio Albano, no Flickr
  19. Alex

    Hello from Portugal

    Thanks, I will try to post more things Thanks! I already did. Great stuff there!! :)
  20. Hello!! My name is Olímpio Albano, but everyone in the LEGO community calls me Alex (my second name) . I’m from Portugal, and I live in a small city called Leiria, more or less between the two biggest cities in our country, Lisbon and Porto. I’ve been an Eurobricks member since 2007, but this is this first time that I’m posting stuff in this forum. Yes, if you have a “lazy” title, I’m your guy for sure! I'm 34 years old and my dark age ended when I was 22. I’ve been mostly a collector all my life, but in the last 3-4 years (mostly), I’ve been building my own stuff as well. I’m a member of Comunidade 0937 and my favorite themes are City / Trains (number one choice), but also Pirates,Castle and Western. But basically I like all the LEGO themes. You can take a look at my LEGO mocs on my Flickr page here Thanks