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  1. I always keep my parts stored either in models, or plastic bags. I've never driven anything outside, I've only blown one UV joint though
  2. I've encountered the same thing with that part many times.
  3. Huh! 5 stage boom, that would be a nice mod
  4. All of the 2H sets just showed up on, except for 42080.
  5. I'd agree, but the Arocs has got to one of my faves! sorry for offtopic
  6. Yeah, I'd have to agree with Ngoc, the big shiny crane will be around for a few years but the BWE will be discontinued and then you'll be paying double.
  7. Hmm, i think one of These would look good.
  8. Is the black axle on the left side of the last photo the servo axle?
  9. It looks like there's room to flip the servo upside-down, you should be able to use 16z gears on the front of the servo then put an axle to the steering rack connected to the 12z gear, as for bracing it, i would say to put a 11 long liftarm and one of these to stabilize the rack and the gear.
  10. I might be able to help if you had a picture of the front axle, it looks like you're making good progress though!
  11. Wow! Nice job, i especially like the back and the "hood" area. One question though, Is the red hose cut for the lights? Great Work!
  12. In one of @Jim's images there's a bit of visible studded beams. Maybe the structure is made of those?
  13. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of this brake disk piece, not just on the "ultimate supercar line".
  14. Honestly, i think it's much less "gappy" than the Porsche. It's nice that TLG used some system bricks to complete the fine details.