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  1. Thank you for confirming this that's how it looked like on first glimpse :D Great video as always. Thank you for your hard work :)
  2. Well it's abit better situation than in 42056 :) But ye i agree on that.
  3. Well said :D 42069 thought is really asking me to buy it :)
  4. Mind blowing moc, Great job! I'm not even trying to understand gears on the scheme, a bit to complex
  5. Maybe its sold out. if it really was in store for so long. :) Wlcome to EB :)
  6. Maybe this change has something to do with, how smooth model functions will work :)
  7. Same in Lithuania saw them today but only 42068 and 42070. 94eu for 42068 ant 279eu for 42070 :)
  8. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Very nice moc. I really like your approach to make body easy removable module :)