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    Landspeeder Contest Voting Thread

    Cat A) I vote for #2 and #4 Cat B) I vote for #3 and #5 Cat C) I vote for #4 and #5
  2. r4canine

    [Landspeeder][Cat. C] The streets of Nar Shaddaa

    This is great! Love all the details, like the trans red minifigure heads for the lights.
  3. A trader gets more than he bargained for when three thugs ambush him in the desert. He tries to flee on his speeder and they race for a while, but one of the gangmembers, wearing an old stormtrooper helmet, jumps on board and starts slashing his engines before he can get very far. Unable to control his vehicle, the trader careers off and slams into a rock and when he wakes up, he finds his precious cargo has been taken and his speeder wrecked. The thugs and their speeder are nowhere to be seen. With a sigh, the trader gets up. It's going to be a long walk to the nearest town.
  4. r4canine

    May 2019: Star Wars Landspeeder Contest

    Really enjoyed this contest!
  5. Living on a backwater Outer Rim planet, the Raider Gang were a group of misfits patrolling the empty desert that they called home. Many witnesses report being ambushed by an old speeder that looked like a pile of junk, before being robbed at blaster-point. Even people in speeders themselves weren't safe: the Raider Gang's driver, Tai Axley, was known to ram other vehicles in an attempt to knock them over, allowing his fellow gang members to scavenge what was left. By all accounts, despite its appearance, the speeder was one of the fastest on the planet (though admittedly there weren't many), outfitted with modded engines that allowed it to outrun most commercial models. What the vehicle gained in speed, though, it lacked in luxury. Most of the front cockpit appears to have been completely removed, leaving only the skeleton of the original speeder. Whenever the gang attempted to rob people, they wore masks, both to conceal their identity and to keep dust, kicked up by the vehicle at high speeds, out of their face. The Gang's identity would have remained a secret to Imperial authorities, had they not forgotten to hide their masks before entering a local cantina. Nearby stormtroopers were informed by a loyal Imperial informant and the speeder, parked nearby and mistaken at first for scrap, was impounded. Sadly, the vehicle was since stolen and reports of the Gang's activity began to appear again. Images of their faces have since been placed in several cantinas, but none of the members have been spotted since. Pretty happy with how this turned out - went through quite a few different designs before I came up something I was satisfied with.
  6. r4canine

    [MOC] The English Townhouse (LEGO Ideas)

    This looks stunning! I especially love the little plants growing up the front facade of the house, but the details inside are equally great. Really good piece usage with that shower curtain (?).
  7. Seconded on that fish! Love the little throne as well, overall the build is really solid.
  8. r4canine

    [MOC] Clone Ambush On Naboo

    Yeah lol, feel a bit sorry for him now... Cheers guys! Don't know how long this took you to write but I gotta say thanks! I'll definitely bear in mind what you said and that idea of the mirror effect in the water is genius. Not sure whether I have enough parts to pull it off but it sounds really great. Definitely agree with you that I left some bits of the rock face a little too sparse though.
  9. r4canine

    [MOC] Clone Ambush On Naboo

    Here, the clones are trying to scale a rock face with the hope of ambushing a droid camp near some ruins. Meanwhile, the Separatists are inspecting the ruins, with the help of a local archaeologist. Been toying around with other themes for a bit, so I've not really made any Star Wars MOCs in a while, but I built this to get back into it. Tried some different rock and water techniques with it, as well as attempting an (admittedly pretty simple) cheese slope floor design for part of the ruins. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  10. r4canine

    [MOC] Echo Base Ion Cannon

    I love the design for the black barrel of the gun. the shaping on the whole thing is really impressive, much smoother than the blocky look a lot of other designs have.
  11. r4canine

    [MOC] Geonosian Starfighter

    Love the gun turret!
  12. I built this little drone patrol vehicle type thing after watching and reading a lot of cyberpunk stories. I wanted to make a vehicle with a pretty unique shape, one that had an almost insectoid appearance, so I'm pretty happy with the end result.
  13. r4canine

    [MOC] NCS Security Sentry

    Looks great! The suspension is really neat.
  14. r4canine

    [MOC] Arcady's Dawn

    I built this a long while ago, but found pictures of it the other day and thought I would share them. The ship is loosely based on the Hammerhead Corvette of the new Star Wars canon, seen in Star Wars Rebels. However, it's not a faithful replica so I ended up attempting a "Resistance" version of it. It also features a mini scale Y wing docked on the side.
  15. r4canine

    [MOC] Gozanti-Class Cruiser

    Built this a while ago to go with a microscale Hammerhead Corvette. I'm pretty happy with the shaping of the head and tail.
  16. r4canine

    [MOC] Gozanti-Class Cruiser

    Cheers guys! I know! Only had enough pieces for 1 micro tie fighter though and it looked pretty lonely on its own.
  17. r4canine

    [MOC] The Duel on Tatooine

    The terrain, bike and figure posing is phenomenal! Such a great MOC. My one little nitpick is that blue pipe but I don't know how you would be able to sort that.
  18. r4canine

    [MOC]: Grievous command post

    The vegetation looks great but for me the highlight of the MOC is that base: it's a really nice design. Awesome MOC!
  19. Inspired by Battlefront 2 and the final book in the Aftermath Trilogy, Empire's End, I decided to build a MOC of the ruins of a Star Destroyer - a motif that Jakku is famous for. Instead of just building some wreckage though, I wanted to build an Imperial camp, so I built this Outpost within the ruins, featuring a command station, lots of crates, some barricades and one of the star destroyer's battered computers that are, at the moment, being powered by a gonk droid as a stormtrooper does the boring work of searching through its files.
  20. r4canine

    [MOC] Mini Scale Rebel Ships

    Hey guys, built these mini scale rebel ships to fit with my mini scale fleet I'm building. They're roughly the same size as the standard 1:250 scale which means they should also fit with Mortesv's builds as well! In fact, I'm so happy with these MOCs, I decided to make a how to!
  21. r4canine

    Lego Star Wars moc: Canto Bight

    Looks great I love the buildings!
  22. r4canine

    [MOC] Mini Scale Rebel Ships

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah I definitely get what you mean about the Y wing!
  23. Love the new design of the falcon and this only makes the UCS better imo!
  24. Inspired by the FBTB contest "Star Wars Evolved", where entrants had to build new versions of iconic Star Wars ships, I thought I'd try my hand at updating some of my favourite ship designs in the Star Wars galaxy. First up, the Naboo Starfighter. Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Overhead by R4canine, on Flickr I decided to get rid of the yellow colour scheme of the N-1 (only partly because I don't have many yellow bricks) to make the craft look more rugged and used. I imagine this is a much bulkier craft, packing heavier lasers and engines as well as a tail gun at the back controlled by the astromech. All this ensures the next in the line of Naboo Starfighters is more powerful than its predecessor, able to contend with pirates and other attackers when the New Republic military can't. Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Side 2 by R4canine, on Flickr Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Side by R4canine, on Flickr Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Side by R4canine, on Flickr Naboo N1 Starfighter Evolved MOC Side 3 by R4canine, on Flickr
  25. r4canine

    MOC: Imperial Shuttle

    I like your approach to the rounded edges of that cockpit, overall looks like a really good model.