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  1. Anyone in Canada catch some of the amazing Lego sales at Toys r us? 40-50% off a bunch of sets! it was a pricey haul for me but I am glad I waited a year to get some of the sets
  2. Wow, Poes new Xwing has disgusting colours, puke orange and baby blue trim. Gross! The design of the ship looks good, just not the colours. The Sith Tie looks like a large junoirs set and doesnt look very good. Ill be just getting the battle pack for this wave.
  3. ARIEL-1970

    Ninjago City Expansion wishlist

    That is disappointing, I was hoping they would just bring out more sets, hopefully some creative City moc builders can make some instructions for us to get to build more expansions ;)
  4. ARIEL-1970

    Ninjago City Expansion wishlist

    Are there any rumors on anymore lego ninjago city expansions?
  5. ARIEL-1970

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Not sure of this has been talked about but are there any rumors on anymore lego ninjago city expansions?
  6. Kylos shuttle redo is great, Ill buy it even though I have the previous one. The Ywing, nose section looks good from top down but looks really bad a thin like a ducks beak on side veiw. I wished they did it in resistance blue but we will have to see the story on this ship. The A-wing looks great, Same thing on the colour issue, resistance blue would be better to keep it in line. Millenium Falcon, Ill have to see more pics of it, still a hard ship to make it look good in lego. Speeder chase and AT-ST looks great ! Hopefully there will be a battle pack of them Sith troopers. My usual complaint is that SW sets still have too many studs showing.
  7. The golden helmet and red jumpsuit looks like a power rangers character. Are we sure this is a star wars character?
  8. Just looking at some of the other sets from the other themes, I find that the other themes seem to be a bit more smooth or modernized. Some of the overwatch sets looks great as an example.Now Vonregs tie looks cool but could be improved more so, These new sets still have a lot of studs showing everywhere and seem to be behind a bit still.
  9. I must have missed the info on the leaked advent calendar figs. That is too bad, he would have been a perfect fit for Christmas being all red like that ;)
  10. Considering Major Vonreg is all red I would guess that he'll be in the 2019 Advent calender. I would be surprised if he isn't
  11. ARIEL-1970

    [MOC] Customized Resistance B-Wing

    THis looks incredible !!! Well done
  12. Ill be grabbing a bunch of the dropships, gotta build that army ;) snowspeeder colours look great. But did anyone notice that the green on the AT-RT is the wrong green ?
  13. Great! thanks for the explanation.
  14. To clarify is the new slave 1 going to be minfig scale? is minifig scale and system scale the same thing?
  15. I agree these junior sets look pretty wretched, But the trooper does look great. I find it a bit cringe worthy when I read descriptive terms on lego sets by adults calling them adorable and cute. But each to their own.