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  1. I agree these junior sets look pretty wretched, But the trooper does look great. I find it a bit cringe worthy when I read descriptive terms on lego sets by adults calling them adorable and cute. But each to their own.
  2. Regarding the re re release of the droid gunship and AT-AP, I missed out on the droid gunship the first time so Ill have a chance to pickup 6 or so. But I wait quite a while until the new ones go on sale. That could also be a reason why no one is really picking them up right off the gate. some of you seem to forget 5 years is actually a long enough time to cycle through some of the designs for the next gen of children.
  3. I agree the new stormtrooper helmet looks bad, I don't mind Lego re-issuing older sets for us that missed out on a few of them. Ill be grabbing 6 of those droid ships for sure, one of my favorite designs as well as inferno battle pack. I am a bit thankful that there wont be too many sets that Ill buy in this next round to give my wallet a break ! :)
  4. Buddy boy chill out and dont get on your high horse of interweb self righteousness. Also stop clogging this thread with your whining about people asking for help. Thank you to those that positively chimed in or sent PM's to people asking.
  5. I did try and nothing was coming up, I even tried ebay as others mentioned. Maybe some of you are just a little more savy when it comes to that.
  6. Can someone send me a link tot he new figs/helmets ? thanks !
  7. Could someone PM the AT-AP pics? I would love to see the new unit thanks !
  8. Where did you see that ? I thought they would do it only $1 increments.
  9. what from 16.99 to 19.99 ?
  10. ARIEL-1970

    Ninjago City Expansion wishlist

    That Ninjago City expansion creation by Galaktek pagoda park is incrdible. I would love to see more sets with this kind of quality. I think a low rise expansion set would cool as well. Like a bunch of indie shops but with an asian decor to the architecture. I was originally star wars only in my collection but these Ninjago City sets pulled me in big time ;)
  11. This is a great playset for kids but I think if they had the slave I and it's platform as a separate set they could have used the bricks from that section to enhance or largen the existing set then had a 2nd set with slave I as an expansion set. I think they would have sold more sets and made more money in the process. Having more smooth tiles for the flooring would have made it look more slick, the landing platform in all it's stud glory looks very early 2000'sish
  12. ARIEL-1970

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Any thoughts on what may be a 3rd expansion to Ninjago City and City docks ?
  13. ARIEL-1970

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I was strictly Star Wars only myself but I was very impressed with Ninjago City. Seeing as they are releasing the expansion set City docks I then took the plung into getting Ninjago City etc. It looks like they will continue to bring out add ons which is why I bought into the sets. 23 sets of the city chase you bought, what are you building ? is it mainly for road light expansion ? I wont be buying any of the other play sets as my collection will get too big with start wars. Only interested in building the city type stuff. The lego employee I spoke to hinted at the city sets doing well so they will most likely bring out more expansions. I noticed that once they brought out city docks the first Ninjago city was sold out and back ordered for a bit. At least in Canada. Bringing out city docks most likely triggered a bunch of people into getting into the sets as they seem committed to expand on this
  14. ARIEL-1970

    Clone Wars is back

    I am sure this new series will be far better than the horrid movie of the Last Jedi that came out (finally watched it) Now for the lego sets we all agree a 501st BP is welcomed but I would love to see a geonosis flame trooper pack ! that would be a great expansion to the first pack.
  15. How do we get the free Kessel mine worker and mud solo ?