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  1. How do we get the free Kessel mine worker and mud solo ?
  2. The new Build-able figures are up on the Canadian lego store "coming soon"
  3. Same here, I would like to know as well. None in canada correct ?
  4. ANyone have an idea what the May the force special figure will be?I Loved the scariff trooper that came out last year.
  5. Oh no that is disappointing as I do like the construction figures myself and collect them. Are they not selling?
  6. What is scala scale? The snowspeeder to me does look a little too big mind you.
  7. ARIEL-1970

    [WIP] Crait MOC

    Wow, looking amazing, great stuff and keep up the good work !
  8. Ok, at least it came out post christmas, I bought 26 packs each of both FO packs last year. So I hope the FO troopers are all the same. I haven't opened them up yet as I am storing things up for my son when he gets older.
  9. The mimban Stormtrooper looks like it is in urban camouflage, Ilike the look of it !
  10. Can someone explain which sets are these from ? Is The one on the left from the original FO battle pack and where is one on the right from ? I wish they wouldn't do this as it messes up the army building situation.
  11. ARIEL-1970

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    VIP points expire ???? How long do they last then ?
  12. I agree with the disappointment with the FO AT-ST set. I will be curious as to how it well sell. Also does this mean the Rogue one AT-ST is retiring now? Blue A wing would very cool to pair up with the resistance X-wings
  13. ARIEL-1970

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Is the AT-ST going to be phased out soon considering they have brought out that lovely headless First Order AT-ST as a replacement.....
  14. ARIEL-1970

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    another 26 units of 75165 Imperial Trooper Battle Packs to add to my previous batch of 26. Gotta build some big armies with that lot !
  15. So what will be the replacement promo for north america then? Anyone have an idea ?