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  1. Me= My wallet=
  2. Where are you going to (or where did you) post your written review for this Jim? I really think that if you added this to the 42070 and made a combined model it would be epic.
  3. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    I was to and I think Sariel was too. I think the use of racks would of had less backlash and probably would have been cheaper.
  4. Lego Technic 42067

    We learned that there is a possibility of a 42067 and that Uwe Wabra birth date is top secret Yes but i also talked a person at cs that said to keep checking there website. Well everyone, I don't think there is any 42067 and never will be. Unless its combined models it can't exist. It would of been at the Nuremberg toy fair.
  5. Lego Technic 42067

    We kinda learned a little bit.
  6. Lego Technic 42067

    It is a video of a chat i had with the lego customer service chat. If you have 9 minutes, watch it. I got news in 30 sec click here to see it
  7. Lego Technic 42067

    Be patient for my reply i have news. Okay guys It looks like i might have to upload this to my youtube.
  8. Lego Technic 42067

    Hmm.. i did not think of it that way. But i got some good news for all Lego Technic fans...
  9. To Jim, Well some of us make money having fun.
  10. lol, it will be like a black Friday at the Lego store.
  11. Hello everyone, I have started this form today because i could not find one anywhere else on Eurobricks. So, this is the place for anyone to discuss the mysterious Lego technic set 42067... To start this off i would like to re-point out something Jim pointed out about the 42070 in his review. he mentioned that the lower corners of the front that say TOW 067. Hmm very suspicious... Chase
  12. Lego Technic 42067

    Okay thanks for letting me know, I will make it in the Technic form.
  13. Lego Technic 42067

    This form has been moved.
  14. This kit all day long. Much more pieces and actually useful ones like v-engine motor mount 4 hard and 2 soft shock absorber , ect. And it's just a cooler kit. Hey Jim, when will your review for this be out?
  15. Hey Jim, where is the lego 42069 review?