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    Queen Anne's Revenge Cabin Modifications

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, and pretty new to Lego. I'm a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, and have all the Mega Bloks sets from Curse of the Black Pearl to At World's End. As I'm sure you all know, from On Stranger Tides, Lego now have the licensing rights to make PotC Sets. I recently purchased the Queen Anne's Revenge (4195), and whilst it is a good set, I'm a little disappointed with the detail at the stern and captains cabin on the vessel. I would like to, if possible, add a door to the cabin area, and recreate the railings outside the cabin, as seen during Blackbeards entrance in On Stranger Tides. Also, stairs leading to the cabin and Quarter Deck would really improve the vessel. Like I said before, however, I'm very new to Lego and have little idea of how to attempt such modifications. I was hoping by joining the forum, you guys could help me out with this. Or better yet, if someone has actually done it, they can hopefully give me instructions and advice. Like, what pieces I would need, and how to actually carry it out. Also, as a side note, I assumed that Captains Cabin (4191) would compliment Queen Anne's Revenge, and it's contents would fit into Blackbeards Cabin on the Revenge. This appears to not be possible, has anyone attempted a modification to enlarge the cabin and put the contents of 4191 into it? I would really like to achieve that if possible. I look forward to the replies and help from the forum. Thanks, Captain Barbossa.