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  1. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Ah okay hadn’t realised. Makes sense though.
  2. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I guess you’re right. Apologies - I just took it the wrong way when I read it. Maybe it’s because I was half asleep when I did…
  3. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The office is going to make those who have had theirs rejected absolutely livid. Also, I’d appreciate not being called a rich snob because I’m buying a jazz quartet set. I enjoy music, and my brother plays the trombone to a high level and used to play in a jazz quintet, so it’s appealing to me. I reckon under the ‘rich snob’ idea you’ll be insulting a lot of people, both on here and in the wider world.
  4. Vilhelm22

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    One of the good things about this is the variety of parts. I remember from building the Taj Mahal that there weren’t many different parts…
  5. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Art - Rumours and Discussion

    Art Project - Create Together 21226 now has official pictures on JJP’s site, and is set to release November 1st. It has 4138 pieces, and is the usual cost, with 9 panels. The frame is white like the World Map. I don’t understand the number at all if I’m honest - anybody got any ideas? It’s closest to the architecture numbers as mentioned above.
  6. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Trains 2021

    No it’s from a video from YouTube made by some random guy wishing for this to happen. @Polarlicht shows it here. I wish it was though!
  7. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    An iceberg GWP would be hypocritical, horrific, and terrifying for me that Lego would even consider such a thing. The joke GWP also has another major flaw which I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned - the Titanic was used on the transatlantic route in the NORTH Atlantic whilst penguins are found in Antarctica in the SOUTH. More likely if in memory of the disaster would be one of the various monuments located on either side of the Atlantic.
  8. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    As there’s now a leak, pretty imminently. These days they try to contain the leaks as much as they possibly can, more than before, and consequently the press release tends to be a few days after the leaks. I can’t guarantee it though. The set releases 20th October for VIPs so should be announced very soon anyway. I’m guessing that this is a LAN product so we should see some professional reviews soon as well.
  9. Vilhelm22

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Wow. I’m truly blown away by this beautiful build. I’ll definitely be picking it up - a must buy in my book. I wasn’t expecting it to look that good and it’s definitely better than its competitor. If you’re talking about BriqFoundation, Mark is an incredibly reliable source, and I trust him completely. This is real.
  10. Vilhelm22

    Ideas for new City sets

    Yeah I agree. The trains subtheme in itself shouldn’t be a thing. Stations and passenger trains should be part of a public transport subtheme (we could easily have enough to make with a couple more sets) whilst cargo trains would be in a cargo subtheme. Cranes and lorries would be part of this too. I feel like beyond the standard trains others could be parts of other subthemes as well. For a start, fire trains do exist, even if rare. A maintenance of way (MOW) train could be in the construction subtheme. A car transporter train could be for some great vehicles type thing. Circus trains have existed in the past. Hospital trains also have existed - particularly in wartime - a prime preserved example can be found at the National Railway Museum, York, UK (arguably the best railway museum globally, as trains were basically invented by the British). RPOs (Railway Post Offices) were big in the USA for years. Fuel train for Octan. Even prisoner transport trains exist. NASA had a train at one stage. It’s never going to happen, but a train could easily be added to every subtheme, and the trains theme abolished.
  11. Vilhelm22

    Ideas for new City sets

    I try to collect them where I can. I’ve got 3 cargo trains, the container terminal set with the four containers and a big lorry from a few years ago, the 2013 cargo terminal with the airport, the cargo truck from the same series, a small green crane from 2007 and the large 2007 harbour, the only set to use the largest ever hull produced (can take 8 standard 6x10 containers without stacking). The trains provide a good way to connect cargo with the passenger services as the passenger and cargo trains run on the same layout. However, it’s still the case we should get more. There’s a new cargo train next year following the four year pattern.
  12. Vilhelm22

    Ideas for new City sets

    I feel like this has happened in other fantasy themes already, though I can't think of any myself. As @MAB says, there are non purist ways to do it. I think moulds exist, purist or not, for mutated animals or things from other themes that look it, so it's easily possible to custom build something.
  13. Vilhelm22

    Holy Crown of Hungary

    Very nice! I particularly like the use of random minifigures rather than making ones specially - it adds a nice creative touch. I’ve been to Budapest and it’s a beautiful city. My aunt and uncle live there and speak the language fluently - my uncle is actually the founder and chair of the Wine Society of Budapest... Anyway, beautiful MOC and I’m sure something that many will recognise on passing the shop window!
  14. Vilhelm22

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A typo plus autocorrect. It’s a convenience store.
  15. Vilhelm22

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    I’ll admit, Summer 2022 was an assumption when I posted this on here. The actual information was that it’s not a January release - I simply assumed as the vast majority are January or June and it wasn’t January, it would be June. It could easily be before that though.