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  1. hmmm didn't have high hopes for this, but from the exterior I think it looks very good. Captures the look of Vaders castle well, I like these types of scene based sets, very displayable and still has play ability, best of both worlds. Not a big fan of the price however, I will probably get this at some point, however I might wait for it to go on sale.
  2. meh not fussed, although to be fair play sets don't really appeal to me that much. I would much rather have had a fully enclosed display model, but then again that's just my opinion and Lego is after all a toy. The mini figures look great though, that is much more appealing to me.
  3. I have since removed the mechanism that closes the wings on landing. But end of the day it is a kids toy and the mechanism does add a lot of fun, and its function is very smooth. For me the look and feel of this x wing is to date the best representation of a system scale x wing Lego has done. Maybe like you said an improvement to hide that mechanism to open the s foils, but if they get that right then its hard to see where else they can improve on it for later releases. Your right though, having the droid pointing the correct way is a significant improvement.
  4. Got the new X Wing yesterday, had the previous version. If anyone is in any doubt if to get it or not, even if they had the previous, then don't. It is by far the best x-wing Lego has done, looks incredible, its hard to imagine how they could improve on this current design for future iterations.
  5. chris592

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    The LEGO website is awful, I hate having to use it.
  6. chris592

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Well on the UK site says early release 16th May... But as of yet can't order it..
  7. chris592

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I suspect there are a few possible track layouts that someone could come up with. Think the biggest challenge for a set like this, is its highly specialised and specific, was no doubt incredibly difficult for the LEGO designers to get that track layout to work perfectly, so if you wanted a different layout you will need to spend a lot of time adjusting all the supports. I would like to see LEGO release a track pack, similar to what they do with the trains. Which then comes with extra roller coaster track pieces, to allow people to customize their track. I wonder, and from looking at the speed of the train after the first drop, that it might be possible to do a loop, just need LEGO to produce a loop piece.
  8. chris592

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I think for a set like this, you find a place to put it, and leave it there. Wouldn't be good to constantly move this beast around, I'm sure it is as stable as the Lego designers could make it, without impacting the look or functionality of it.
  9. chris592

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Yes he has uploaded the time lapse, but I'm more interested in his review of the set, which usually he uploads a day or two after the time-lapse.
  10. chris592

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Awesome! I look forward to watching Jangs review of this when he uploads it. For me this is a day one purchase, I know its pricey, but this set just looks so epic. I can understand the high price, a lot of new molded parts, high piece count, and since its a brand new set I suspect a lot more R&D went into it.
  11. looks fantastic, and at under 3k pieces should be somewhat affordable, what puts me off some of these larger MOCs is they are often over 5k in pieced. I think I shall be purchasing the instructions at some point and slowly building up the parts needed for this. Always wanted a Lego Venator Awesome work.
  12. Tie Bomber and AT-AT yes, I would be happy with either of those as a UCS set. I'm not against them remaking older sets, just been a good few in a row now and i'm excited to see something new.
  13. Venator Acclamator lucrehulk Trade federation MTT ARC 170 All could be good candidates to make a UCS set IMO.
  14. Y- Wing looks fantastic. However I want something new, the past few UCS sets have all been remakes, and all been original trilogy vehicles. I love OT vehicles, but I want something new, a UCS set that hasn't been made before.
  15. chris592

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    this project looks fantastic, I look forward on seeing this progress over the coming months.