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  1. longjuansilver

    40567 Forest Hideout (GWP)

    Has anyone tried/confirmed whether Pick a Brick qualifies for this one?
  2. longjuansilver

    [MOC] Torre de Bandidos

    Good job, I like the angled placement of the building. Nice use of colours with the landscape as well.
  3. longjuansilver

    The Tragedy of Turin Part 2

    Great work. I like every detail, especially the floors and the patterns in the walls. I look forward to seeing more of the scenes from this story - are there any plans of creating more Tolkien/Silmarillion stories after this one?
  4. longjuansilver

    [MOC] The Tricky Ambush

    Nice work, it looks great! Is that a render or a physical build? I've never seen that Forestman's hat in blue before.
  5. longjuansilver

    Modular Pizzeria & Post Office (MOC)

    I don't actually remember anymore haha. I think it was supposed to be a toaster (with the tan tile on top being a piece of bread sticking out)
  6. longjuansilver

    Modular Pizzeria & Post Office (MOC)

    Hello everybody, This is an older modular MOC that I designed back in 2017. I recently updated some of the parts in stud.io and made some renders so I thought I'd share them. This is a combination pizzeria and post office with apartment buildings on the upper floors. The full album of pictures can be found on Imgur. The full thing is approximately 3100 pieces, and according to Bircklink, it'd cost ~$800 CAD to create so it'll most likely remain a digital model (unless some remodeling is done.)
  7. longjuansilver

    Medieval Library

    Very impressive! Nice work with the background in the first image as well. The colour scheme reminds me of the classic Castle sets.
  8. longjuansilver

    [MOCs] Rock Raiders 2.0+

    Great job with those vehicles! You've captured the look and feel of the original sets with a modern piece selection.
  9. longjuansilver

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    I like the level of detail and piece usage, well done!
  10. longjuansilver

    [MOC] A path to travel, a quest to complete...

    Looks nice! Good job creating the snow-capped foliage, I especially enjoy the Woodling as well.
  11. longjuansilver

    [MOC] 84 - a winning train deserves a bridge at its height

    Nice work! Good use of colour as well - the sand green complements the orange locomotive.
  12. longjuansilver

    Bricklinking the Modulars

    Like others have said, the majority of pieces for most modulars can be Bricklink'd as long as you don't mind some minor changes throughout. I'd recommend either looking through the parts list on Bricklink to see which pieces are expensive/easily swapped, or (depending on how much time you have) you could try building it in stud.io by following the instructions. That way, you can swap pieces as needed depending on the price (the program estimates each brick's value) and see how it'd look with the alterations before you commit to building it.
  13. longjuansilver

    [MOC] Micro city

    These are all very impressive, nice job! Are any of the buildings designed solely using pre-existing colours for the pieces? If not, would you consider designing any with that limitation?
  14. longjuansilver

    MOD: 10270 mirroring the townhouse

    Looks good, sort of like a duplex unit. I'd suggest maybe placing the street lights on the same side of each building to it look a bit more consistent. Are there any plans to expand the book store building as well?
  15. longjuansilver

    Wizard's Spire: Castle MOC

    Very impressive, nice work! I especially enjoy the detail around the windows and balconies.