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  1. Looks very interesting, Mars and Technic, what better time to start with MOC'ing Technic, will give it a go, not promising anything amazing as a first go.
  2. adam_

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I'm in the process of finishing off an extension on the house to be an office/LEGO room so I'm in the process of trying to find the best storage method, whether its off the shelf boxes or shelfs or custom built stuff. Has anyone been in this situation before, its like a blank canvas, curious to see any odd or custom storage methods? In the meantime I'm going through this topic from start to finish to get ideas.
  3. I have to say as the first big set I built when I came back to LEGO after many years, I really enjoyed 42043, maybe not as much power functionality as other sets but still a great set to build.
  4. Based on what's currently available I would recommend 42065 and then 42055 purely for the power functions used.
  5. adam_

    The Technic Confessional

    Yes, it was non-lego tubing and it was much stiffer the the old LEGO tubing, it was borderline plastic tubing and not rubber.
  6. adam_

    The Technic Confessional

    Only thing I can think that I feel guilty about (at present but I'm sure more will come back to me) is purchasing a replacement pneumatic hose from ebay to build some of the older Technic sets I have in box, and it was all for the sake of saving a tiny amount on the price. And with all that effort the pipe i got was much stiffer then the original LEGO piping.
  7. adam_

    HELP! ! !

    Maybe, but most likely very few if any as MITM attacks can be done even where SSL is used, the overriding reason to use SSL these days is unfortunately to use it so your rankings in search engines aren't affected and also to instill confidence in not so tech. savy members that use the site in question, security isn't really a factor anymore. Also there is no real argument for not having an SSL cert. these days, they can be gotten for free by using let's encrypt and even if you had to pay they are very cheap. On a personal note I was a bit surprised when signing up to see no SSL cert. especially as part of such a big community, maybe it's in the works, if so great.
  8. Hi UrielC, I would suggest you have a look at the link below first as there have been other issues previously reported around LDD on Windows 10, might be of help.
  9. In fairness Universal don't even look after DMCA themselves they outsource it to another company who most likely will try trash anything with a remote resemblance of a trademark for fear of missing something and loosing the (most likely) huge contract they have to maintain Universal's trademarks, a prime example is below, says it all really.
  10. Just thought I'd go with the obligatory 'newbie' post most forums have, I'm a long time lurker around here. I've been into LEGO for years, took an extended break for about 10'ish years before getting back into it about 3 years ago. My main area of interest are Technic sets, I've purchased and built a good few of the newer sets but I have a very soft spot for the older Technic sets and love buying up the parts to build these much older/unavailable Technic sets. adam