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  1. Which set should I buy?

    Just bought it, can't wait to get home tonight and start building with my wife If it can be of interest, they still have quite a few in stock at the Paris Lego shop. The vendor assured me that they now last 3-4 days with the stock they receive on Mondays.
  2. Which set should I buy?

    OK thanks, that was more or less my first choice, now you have confirmed it (you and badgerboy) I phoned my local LEGO store today, they should have received some boxes of this set, so I'll go tomorrow I think apparently the craze has died down so they last a few days when they restock. P.S.: sorry if this was posted in the wrong place, thanks for moving it
  3. Which set should I buy?

    Hi everyone, so, after 15 years without LEGO (last set was the X -Wing 7191, how could I live so long like that? ), I have decided to get me a big one, and I hesitate between two very different (to my eyes) sets. -THE Saturn V 21309 -the UCS Snowspeeder 75144 Which one would you recommend? Which is most interesting in terms of building technique and interest, displayability, overall design? For the moment I tend to go for the Saturn V, not only for the 100€ less for 300 more parts, but also for size, and the fact that there are no stickers (though they seem to age well, the ones on my x-wing have not moved). Thank you!
  4. Hi! Sebibucky here

    Hello everyone! New here, and getting back to LEGOs after a long, way too long pause. My last set was the UCS X-wing 7191, bought in 2001 (still standing proud on a shelf at home). Turned 30 yesterday, and my first wish is to dive again in this world by buying a serious set. Maybe even tomorrow I'll post a question in the forum because I hesitate between two models, I'll see if I can get some insight there.