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    Hi everyone. I've been browsing these forums for a while and decided to sign up. I'm an AFOL brought out of some crazy dark ages by my 4 year old son. He discovered how cool Lego could be with some Juniors sets and DC/Marvel sets and that pretty much brought me back. I've always kept my Lego but it was buried in a closet pretty much right before we found out my wife was pregnant. So it's been a while! Not long after getting back into it all, we took a trip to a Lego store and I dipped into the modular pool...oops. I'm five modulars deep now and working on piecing together Pet Shop. Luckily, my collection seems to be getting me to about 60% of completion and I Bricklink the rest so it's been pretty fun. I really have enjoyed getting back into the community, finding new places to read about the hobby and now getting to enjoy it with my son! My wife has been pretty supportive and loves building stuff with us so it's turning into a family affair, which is awesome. So I guess the next step is to check out new communities! That's where you lot come in! I'm looking forward to getting involved here.