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  1. I have also clicking with the same unit when thetre is to much torque, maybe there is a torque sensitive protection
  2. Great idea to deport the torsen elements. I wish you luck
  3. very pretty ! What is the gear ratio before the hubs ?
  4. These are very beautiful shape with few panel, way better than official lego !
  5. The bodywork is great. The folding bed is a very nice plus at this scale. I would suggest you to gear down if you stick on official control so you have more control to climb obstacles. I don't find the motor placement very beautiful. Also, the steering is strange because the wheel go forward and backward. Maybe you should have a better climb with bigger wheels
  6. Thank you According Philohome the v2 lego recever has the same drv8833 limitation on each port.
  7. according Philohome stalled current of buggy motor is 3.2A so I need 2 sbricks for use the true power of one motor ? is 1.5A limit for the total of all the 4 sbrick output or is 1.5A the limit for just one output ?
  8. Hello, s-brick is new for me, and I find it more interesting than buwizz, which is less a pure lego thing. I searched infos on your website, but it only appair their is sbrick and sbrick plus, without specifications. I would like to know what is the current limitation in comparaison with an official lego ir receptor
  9. Nice ! Do you ave a video ? With the sbrick can you control the power of the motor ? I mean, can you climb a slope very slowly ?
  10. How do you choose if you want operate one gearbox or the another one ?
  11. "commanded by the same shaft used to command the speed gearbox" I don't understand that. Do you mean you use the same lever on the IR command ?