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  1. I built my copy a while ago and am now going to try disassembling it. I was hoping to use the numbered boxes again, is the best way to get all the parts in the right boxes to follow the instruction manual in reverse?
  2. Fantastic! Normally I’m not a fan of 3rd party tires but I love that the ones you used have an almost perfect replica of the ubiquitous BFGoodrich all-terrain tread pattern
  3. I think your last explanation is the accurate one, I got my order in within minutes of the site going live and it seems to still be shipping on time for me (fingers crossed). It's interesting, a lot of car enthusiast sites I frequent have been promoting the Sian for the better part of a week; I guess that might be contributing to demand as well.
  4. Just ordered from the west coast of the US with no issues. I'm rather excited, this will be my first set since 42009 in 2013... guess the dark age is over!
  5. If you’re willing to consider other body styles, your current side profile is actually a pretty good match for a hot hatch, like a VW GTI. Would probably just have to lower the suspension a bit (easier said than done, of course). The front end actually isn’t too far off from the ‘80s GTI (Picture linked below). Just a thought! https://www.arnoldclark.com/newsroom/1168-driving-through-history-volkswagen-golf-gti
  6. Those of you that have built the Chiron, how was the building experience, both in general and relative to other large flagships (the 911, Arocs, or Bucket Wheel Excavator for example)?
  7. While I can understand people wanting to keep their instructions in good condition, I think that posting instructions this early is practically a guarantee that a knock-off company will try to copy the Chiron. I do realize that they can still go out and buy one to do same thing, but by posting the PDF TLG makes it considerably easier to copy their design.
  8. I’ve been lurking here since 2010, but only finally made my account last year (and this is my first post), so I’d have to agree with you