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    [MOC] [LDD] UCS INCOM T-70 X-Wing Fighter

    Add me to the list of people waiting anxiously for the purchasable instructions for this MOC!
  2. Hi all, Last year I stumbled across a MOC on the old LEGO LDD Gallery of an absolutely enormous MOC of a GE Dash 8-40C diesel locomotive. I didn't think much of it when I saw the thumbnail on the LDD gallery, mostly because the thumbnails and images on that gallery were pretty dreadful, but once I opened it in LDD I knew that I had to try to make it. It was a super impressive showpiece - completely non-working, but a real stunner to look at. I was so new to LEGO at the time that I didn't really grasp the idea that a digital design might not be possible/feasible/stable when built or attempted with real bricks, so I naively set up several shopping carts full of LEGO and resolved to build it. Well, here are the results. Again, this is not my MOC or design, and I can't remember the name of the designer or I would give him/her credit. Alas, I can't go back to the LDD gallery to look up the designer since LEGO decided to migrate to the new, "improved" gallery. I completed this build in late summer of last year, but I'm just now putting up some pictures, because I need to get my content creation count up here on Eurobricks. Also, if anyone would like a copy of the LDD lxf file, I would be more than happy to provide it. I assume the original designer would not mind since it was posted on the LDD Gallery publically until it was upgraded. Sorry about the quality of the photos - I'm a terrible photographer using the camera on my iPhone. Thanks for looking! IMG_20170908_102927 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103258 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103246 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103234 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103204 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103147 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103134 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103038 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_102958 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103542 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103459 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103524 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103443 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103426 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103400 by judegreer, on Flickr IMG_20170908_103333 by judegreer, on Flickr
  3. Sometimes, I feel like I can outsmart the built in BrickLink auto-select feature. I'll go in and start removing a certain store's shopping carts that were auto-filled, and going individually to the other stores' carts and trying to add in the parts that were from the eliminated store. I have spent hours trying to get the best deal and eliminate stores and the associated shipping charges. After doing this for probably a dozen MOCs I've attempted to build, I've finally come to the conclusion that, while I could probably save a few dollars in shipping charges here or there, overall the benefits were nowhere near the effort involved. So now, I just use the auto-select & fill feature and trust that the BL algorithms work well enough. Of course, one still must look out for exorbitantly priced parts (older parts that have a newer & cheaper mold & part ID, rare colors that can have cheaper swaps like LBG for old LG, etc) and make smart decisions whether those parts are worth the price.
  4. Fantastic work. It's almost identical to the photograph. Great job and awesome skills!
  5. Yes, I'm very happy to see that the instructions are for sale. I loveall LEGO, but especially large, show-type pieces, and this fits the bill perfectly. My wife will love being able to look at it next to her desk. In fact, she might even want to take a crack at building it herself. Maybe I'll be witness to that most rare of phenomenons - the birth of an AFOL!
  6. I don't think I've ever seen a LEGO creation that's quite so realistic. Fantastic in every way - it looks like a functional, practical machine, but at the same time like a work of art.
  7. judegreer

    (MOC) - The 60163 - Tornado

    Wow, it's beautiful. Great job! I'm throwing my support behind it right now.
  8. judegreer

    Built a GE Dash 8-40C MOC I found on LDD Gallery

    Thanks for the nice words everyone! Again, all credit goes to the designer, but I'll accept a sliver for building it because it was a bit of a tough build :) sed6, I've taken your advice and uploaded a few versions to Bricksafe. One version is the original as downloaded from the LDD Gallery. I think it's important to retain the original design. The next is a version I modified to eliminate a bunch of illegal bricks. The last is a version that I broke into groups for ease of construction. I think the grouped version also had some part corrections as well. Indeed, it is the design that I followed for the actual construction. Anyway, here is the link: https://bricksafe.com/pages/judegreer/
  9. That's really fantastic - great job! Do you have any plans on selling the building instructions, or possibly providing the lxf/ldr file? My wife is a big A-Team fan and would probably get a kick out of this as a gift.
  10. judegreer

    Built a GE Dash 8-40C MOC I found on LDD Gallery

    Yeah, it's a beast. It's ~4600 pieces and over 100 studs long. In retrospect, it was really silly for me to try to build it, but I'm happy I did because it was just so satisfying. And even non-LEGO fans who see it are fairly impressed by it. But the first words out of my mouth when people see it and comment are "well, I didn't design it...". I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong idea, as if I'm some master builder. All credit goes to the original designer, whose name I wish I could remember. Anyway, thanks for looking and taking a moment to reply.
  11. Hi Jersey Brick Guy, I'm posting a reply to this thread because I can't Direct Message you. I guess I don't have enough posts to DM yet. Anyway, if you were still interested in downloading this lxf file, I happen to have archived it. Please note that I am not the original designer, but I am assuming that the original designer would not mind since he/she posted it publicly on the LDD Gallery anyway. Let me know and we can figure out how to get it transferred. P.S. Also, please be aware that the version I have is the original version with 3858 parts. The designer mentioned on the Ideas page that he/she reduced the part count to comply with Ideas submission requirements, but that is NOT the version I have. Jude